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    Who Is George Kittle’s Wife, Claire Kittle?

    George Kittle has aced not just the football field as the San Francisco tight end but also his love life. He has been madly in love with his constant supporter and lifelong partner, Claire Kittle.

    While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are getting all the NFL limelight, George and Claire’s story comes straight out of a rom-com soap – all complete with an elopement and a second time marrying the same person.

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    All About Claire Kittle

    Claire Kittle
    Claire Kittle

    Claire Kittle had a connection with sports much earlier than meeting George Kittle. She was an accomplished basketball player throughout her high school years at Wahlert Catholic High School. She was the third-best scorer and a McDonald’s All-American nominee. She continued her journey in college when she attended the University of Iowa but had to quit due to a recurring knee injury in her senior year.

    She has been passionate about bodybuilding and fitness even after retiring from sports. She ran a personal training center called Claire Till Fitness and taught barre classes. She has also participated in competitive bikini competitions. Though she didn’t win it she said it was a good learning opportunity for her.

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    How Did George Kittle Meet Claire?

    Claire Kittle and George Kittle in their wedding garments
    Claire Kittle and George Kittle in their wedding garments

    The pair met in 2012 in their freshmen year at college. George recounts (in his proposal video) seeing his future wife in a parking lot while he was standing outside his dormitory with his friend. He recalls asking his friend who she was to which the friend explains, “He was like, ‘Oh, that’s Claire. Actually, one of my friends says she’s a total bad*ss.’” To this, George responded by saying that he wanted to find out for himself as he proceeded to comment on Claire’s bright pink moped helmet. And that’s how they met in the parking lot and after being friends for eight months they started dating and never looked back.

    The couple had a very random wedding, almost like an elopement, the wedding plans were merely one week long. They surprised their fans with the out-of-blue announcement in the April of 2019. “I had always looked up to those people who ran away and eloped or just walked right up to the courthouse and left married. Thought it was so cool!” Claire wrote. They had an intimate closed-off wedding. They got married again exactly two years after in 2021 with a grander wedding party. The lovely couple has gone through quite ups and downs even involving an ectopic pregnancy but their bond remains as strong as ever which is only bound to get stronger as time passes.

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