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    “One Of The Best Cold Opens Ever”: Leslye Headland Reveals The Opening Scene In ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Episode 1 Was Inspired By ‘Breaking Bad’

    Leslye Headland, the showrunner behind the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars‘ series The Acolyte,’ has revealed a surprising source of inspiration for the show’s shocking cold open: the iconic AMC dramaBreaking Bad.’ In a recent interview with EW, Headland discussed her thought process behind crafting the opening sequence. 

    She admitted her desire to deliver a similar gut punch to the audience that ‘Breaking Bad’ achieved with its infamous plane crash scene. Additionally, the show promises to be a unique and potentially divisive entry into the Star Wars canon. However, whether fans embrace Headland’s dark vision remains to be seen.

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    ‘The Acolyte’ Shocks Fans With Brutal Opening Inspired By ‘Breaking Bad’

    A still from 'The Acolyte'
    A still from ‘The Acolyte’

    From the very beginning, Headland has emphasized her intention to push boundaries and subvert expectations with ‘The Acolyte.’ Set during the High Republic era, the series delves into a previously unexplored period of Star Wars lore. 

    The cold open, featuring the death of a prominent Jedi character played by Carrie-Anne Moss, serves as a bold statement, leaving fans reeling and eager to learn more about this darker, more ruthless chapter in the Jedi Order’s history.

    Additionally, her candid remarks shed light on her creative process. “That’s one of the best cold opens ever,” she said, referring to the ‘Breaking Bad’ scene. She goes on to explain her thought process: “Whenever I sit down to write anything, I’m like, ‘Well, I won’t be able to top that, but in my show, what’s the version of that?” 

    Headland’s answer? A shocking on-screen death that shatters the audience’s sense of security. “The best I could come up with was killing Carrie-Anne Moss,” she admits with a touch of dark humor. She further elaborated on her reasoning behind the brutal opening.  “You just have to go hard,” she states. 

    “You have to say the Jedi are going to take some Ls.” This statement suggests a significant departure from the traditional portrayal of the Jedi in Star Wars. Usually depicted as noble guardians of peace and justice, the Jedi might face more complex moral dilemmas and potentially suffer significant setbacks.

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    Will Fans Embrace A Bleak ‘Star Wars’?

    A still from 'The Acolyte'
    A still from ‘The Acolyte’

    Headland’s bold approach is a gamble. Star Wars has long been known for its themes of hope and redemption. While the franchise has explored darker elements in the past, particularly in the prequel trilogy, ‘The Acolyte’ seems to be venturing into uncharted territory. The question remains: will fans embrace a Star Wars that is more morally ambiguous and potentially less optimistic?

    From the response, it seems as if the fans are not content with the opening. A lot of ‘Breaking Bad’ fans are chiming in claiming that nothing can ever come close to the series. However, the brutal cold open has undoubtedly generated significant buzz for the show. Fans are left with a multitude of questions. Additionally, Headland’s willingness to challenge expectations and draw inspiration from unexpected sources has certainly piqued the interest of the Star Wars community. 

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