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    What Is Sith Acolyte? Everything You Need To Know About The New Villain In The Series

    The Star Wars franchise is back with another timeline with a fresh start, introducing Jedi and Sith inThe Acolyte‘ and exploring their conflicts. The series takes place 100 years before the beginning of the Skywalker saga, which gives it the liberty to work differently on the storyline.

    Sith is going to have an active role in the series. But they were supposed to be extinct during the Republican era. An Acolyte is a position considered in the Sith. They (Acolytes) are working on attaining the position of Sith. But who is exactly the Sith?

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    Who Are Sith Acolyte In The Star Wars Franchise?

    Sith Star Wars / Disney

    The upcoming series ‘The Acolyte’ under the Star Wars Franchise has created immense excitement among the fans. The series is based on the Republican Era which was not explored much in Star Wars before. Hence, the series focuses on the time when the Sith was believed to be extinct and delves into the darker side of the force.

    Sith is enemies of the Jedi, who aim to remove the peacekeeping warriors and bring evil methods like terrorism and murder. They are the main antagonists in the Star Wars including villains like Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

    Sith members were Jedi warriors who embodied different values of evil, hatred, and rage, and later indulged in betraying to gain power. They don’t value showing weakness, rather their philosophy revolves around maintaining powers like ruthlessness, betrayal, and cunning. Thus they embrace their evil side and celebrate negativity.

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    Their Capabilities And Strength

    Sith Acolyte are the new forces hence they are on the path of becoming Sith themselves. As they haven’t earned the rank yet, they’re in constant danger as they have to sacrifice one of the two Sith and also need guidance side by side. There always has to be a master and an Apprentice.

    As they learn new ways of the darker side, they play a similar role to Apprentice as they move along the process of change. But as they train in the darker realm, they constantly need an Apprentice but from a master seeking their Apprentice.

    The position of Acolyte is an exception in the famous role of the two(there must be a master and an Apprentice). The only way we can tell Acolyte and Sith apart is that, Acolyte doesn’t have the ‘red lightsabers’ of a Sith. The Acolyte’ show will have the warriors a long way to go, but the Slith won’t let the Acolyte go far.

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