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    ‘Star Wars’ Actress Daisy Ridley Reveals She Got A ‘Leaky Gut’ And Other Health Issues After Joining The Iconic Franchise

    Star Wars‘ is one of the most iconic film franchises of our times. From some compelling stories to a stellar bringing them to life, these films have it all. However, fans enjoy the films so much only because the filmmakers and the actors pour their hearts into them — sometimes, even at the expense of their own health.

    Daisy Ridley, who has been an important part of the ‘Star War‘ films, has recently revealed that she had to face some severe health problems because of the immense popularity she suddenly gained after starring in the film. Here’s how her meteoric rise to fame as Rey impacted her health.

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    Daisy Ridley Reveals How She Got A “Leaky Gut’ Because Of Rigorous Filming Schedules

    Still from 'Star Wars'
    Still from ‘Star Wars’

    British actress Daisy Ridley was speaking during a recent interview with The Times when she revealed that after receiving some heavy limelight with her 2015 debut in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘, her health has gone for a toss. While the role brought her international acclaim, it also came with some serious personal challenges.

    During the interview, Ridley detailed how her sudden stardom took a huge toll on her well-being. The actress disclosed that she regularly experienced intense anxiety and stress, which led to a condition known as ‘leaky gut’. “Essentially, it was a leaky gut,” Ridley explained, noting that she was utterly “knackered” from the demanding schedule of filming and promotional tours.

    Further elaborating on how the stress manifested physically, she explained that she had never been exposed to such rigorous schedules and her body perhaps could not take it. “I’d never travelled that much, or done press junkets, and my body deals with stress in a very physical way, so my gut was manifesting an emotional reaction to travelling around the world, people saying hello to me in the street. And me going, ‘What’s going on?’ And worrying,” Ridley said.

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    Daisy Ridley Will Reprise Her Role In The Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Project

    Still from 'Star Wars'
    Still from ‘Star Wars’

    Daisy Ridley also said her body’s response to the sudden fame was a clear indicator of her underlying emotional turmoil. The star also recalled having doubts about her suitability for the iconic role initially. However, after taking considerable time to build the confidence she needed, she got on board to play the character and the responsibilities that came with such a high-profile position.

    Ridley’s statement comes just months after Star Wars‘ announced in January that Ridley would be reprising her role as Rey in an upcoming part of the franchise. Ridley’s character Rey plays a key role in the film’s narrative.

    Introduced as a scavenger on the desert planet of Jakku, Rey goes from solitary existence to becoming a central figure in the fight against the First Order in the films.

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