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    Star Wars Finally Addresses A Huge Darth Vader Cliffhanger From ‘Return of the Jedi’

    George Lucas concluded his original Star Wars trilogy with ‘Return of the Jedi’ in 1983, but the franchise has since continued to grow. The mysteries of the trilogy keep unearthing even after so many years with new films and television shows expanding on the main story.

    A lot of shows have put together the puzzle pieces from the original Star Wars films and now an upcoming novel is doing the same. Beth Revis’s upcoming Del Roy novel Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel addresses a Darth Vader cliffhanger from Episode VI.

    Beth Revis’s Novel Solves A Darth Vader Mystery

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    Mark Hamill Ends A long-Running Argument About “Star Wars”

    Revis’s upcoming novel titled ‘Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel,’ which is slated to release on August 16, has solved not one but two stories from George Lucas’s original trilogy.

    He has described in the novel what the heroes did next after the final scene of ‘Return of the Jedi,’ the scene where Han and Leia finally decided to get married, and the Darth Vader cliffhanger.

    In the final scene, a dying Vader asks Luke to remove his mask so that he can see his son for the last time with his own eyes. This is the first and last time Luke sees his father’s real scarred face. He tells Luke about the Sith Lord and how he was right all along.

    His final words are directed at his other child, Princess Leia “Tell your sister, you were right.” The film ends with Vader’s funeral and a celebration in the village before the end credits show up.

    Book Excerpt Reveals How Luke Fulfilled His Father’s Wish In Star Wars

    Obi-Wan-Kenobi takes on Darth Vader

    According to the official website of Star Wars called, an excerpt from the book answers if and when Luke told Leia about his father’s dying wish.

    (Spoiler alert!) When Luke begins the conversation to tell her, Leia simply says, “Don’t” and stops him from saying anything. This shows the dislike the princess has for Vader which doesn’t change after she learns the truth about her father.

    The disdain comes from the fact that Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker) is responsible for the deaths of her adoptive parents Breha Organa and Bail Organa and the destruction of her home planet Alderaan. So it’s understandable that she cannot forgive him.

    Revi has also written an inner monologue for Leia in this scene where she says, “My father was good, Leia thought of Bail. She also wondered how Luke forgave Vader: “Did he have memories of their father? Was that why he was so capa­ble of forgiving the monster that was Darth Vader?”

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