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    ‘The Acolyte’ Redefines ‘Star Wars’ Lore, Reveals Lesbian Space Witches Created Life From The Force Long Before Darth Plagueis

    The Force is stirring once again, and this time it’s accompanied by a healthy dose of controversy. ‘The Acolyte,’ the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars‘ series from Leslye Headland, has sparked heated debate among fans thanks to a major lore retcon revealed in the third episode. 

    The show has undoubtedly shaken the foundations of Star Wars lore. Whether this is a positive or negative development remains to be seen. The series has the potential to expand the Star Wars universe in exciting ways. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between innovation and respecting established lore. 

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    Lesbian Space Witches Rewrite The Force’s History In ‘Star Wars’

    A still from 'The Acolyte'
    A still from ‘The Acolyte’

    The series takes us back to the relatively unexplored era of the High Republic, where we meet a young Force user named Dacey (Amandla Stenberg) navigating the complexities of the Jedi Order. However, the real bombshell comes when it’s revealed that Dacey isn’t the only one wielding the Force in an unconventional way. Enter the shadowy group known as the ‘Still Sisters.’ 

    These mysterious women, led by the enigmatic Frilda (played by Carrie-Anne Moss), possess a unique connection to the Force. Here’s where the controversy ignites: the Still Sisters are depicted as having used the Force to create life through a ritual involving two of their members, Aniseya (a younger Frilda) and Mother Koril (played by Margarita Levieva).  

    This revelation directly contradicts a previously established lore point: the ability to manipulate midi-chlorins to create life, as famously attempted by Darth Plagueis in the prequel trilogy. Ultimately, the success of this retcon will depend on how the show explores the Still Sisters and their connection to the Force. If handled thoughtfully, it could be a transformative addition to Star Wars mythology. If not, it might forever be remembered as a very controversial misstep.

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    Fans Are Divided Over Necessary Evolution Or Unwarranted Change

    A still from 'The Acolyte'
    A still from ‘The Acolyte’

    The internet, as it tends to do, has erupted in a passionate debate. Some fans hail this as a progressive step, introducing a more diverse and inclusive Force tradition to the Star Wars universe. However, most of them express frustration. They argue that this retcon undermines established lore and cheapens the significance of Darth Plagueis’ accomplishment.

    Headland, the showrunner, has yet to publicly address the controversy. However, hardcore Star Wars fans have made up their minds about the show. They are not happy with the changes and are urging other viewers to not even give the show a chance. “Don’t watch -not even to hate to watch,” one fan on X added. 

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