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    “The Digital Town Square Is For All”: Elon Musk Invites Liberal TV Host Don Lemon To Bring His Show On Twitter To Balance Out Tucker Carlson’s Arrival

    Elon Musk has tried to keep Twitter afloat since he acquired the platform in 2022. However, he was not able to actualize his vision for the platform. After he bought Twitter, many advertisers pulled out, causing a severe financial strain. In turn, the value of Twitter has depreciated to $15 million. So he started employing various strategies to increase revenue on the microblogging site.

    Elon Musk launched the $8 per month subscription with exclusive features, but it failed miserably. However, he relaunched it with special features for subscribers. He relaunched political advertisements on the platform after they were banned in 2020. Musk has now announced a long-form video feature and monetization through Twitter for creators. After welcoming Tucker Carlson on Twitter, the billionaire is asking other hosts to conduct their shows on Twitter.

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    Elon Musk Ensured Full Support To TV Hosts Like Don Lemon And Rachel Maddow

    The billionaire invites liberal journalists to start their own shows on Twitter
    The billionaire invites liberal journalists to start their own shows on Twitter

    For a very long time, Elon Musk has been a propagator of free speech, and he tried to implement it on Twitter. He wrote, “Free speech is the bedrock of democracy. It is a fundamental defense against autocracy & statism, which is why we must fight so hard to preserve it.” After launching the long-form video feature, he welcomed Tucker Carlson after he aired the first episode of his show, ‘Tucker On Twitter.’

    On June 7, 2023, Elon Musk tweeted the first episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, writing, “Would be great to have shows from all parts of the political spectrum on this platform.” Now he is inviting other hosts from the liberal spectrum to host their shows on Twitter. The names include Don Lemon, who served for nine years on CNN as a journalist before getting fired in 2023.

    Elon Musk proposed an offer to Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon on Twitter, writing, “It’d be great to have @maddow, @donlemon & others on the left put their shows on this platform.” He continued, “You will receive our full support. The digital town square is for all.”

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    The Billionaire Ensured Monetization For Content Creators On The Platform

    Elon Musk announced the new Twitter feature that will benefit content creators
    Elon Musk announced the new Twitter feature that will benefit content creators

    Elon Musk said that Tucker Carlson will enjoy the same privileges as other content creators on Twitter. Now, one of the privileges that Musk has endowed on content creators is that they will receive monetization for the ads on their content in the replies. The ex-CEO of Twitter has announced $5 million as the first payment block.

    Elon Musk wrote on Twitter, “Note, the creator must be verified and only ads served to verified users count.” This decision came after he gave the reins to the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. He decided after it became impossible for him to manage all of his ventures including Tesla. Linda comes with good experience in advertising after she served as an ad executive at NBCUniversal.

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