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    British Tabloid Apologizes To Prince Harry During Phone Hacking Trial

    Prince Harry always stires the headlines once in a while. Lately, he was in the news for attending King Charles’ coronation ceremony. Earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex released his much-talked-about and best-selling memoir ‘Spare‘ in which he made several revelations.

    Harry has also been involved in the phone hacking case and has appeared in the UK court several times for it. Recently, The publisher of Daily Mirror, a UK tabloid, has apologized to Harry. So let’s find out in detail what this case is and why the tabloid apologized to him.

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    Daily Mirror Apologizes To Prince Harry During Trial

    Prince Harry had a list of demands ahead of the Coronation ceremony
    Prince Harry

    According to a CNN report, Daily Mirror has apologized to Prince Harry for illegally gathering information about his personal life. On Wednesday, the first day of the phone hacking case trial took place.

    The tabloid said it “unreservedly apologizes and accepts that [Harry] is entitled to appropriate compensation” for an incident two decades ago.

    Around that time, the tabloid had paid a private investigator $95 to collect information about the Duke of Sussex at a nightclub in London. “[Mirror Group Newspapers] does not know what information this related to, although it clearly had some connection with his conduct at the nightclub,” the publisher said.

    They stated that the financial transaction between them and the investigator “represented an instruction to engage in [unlawful information gathering].”

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    Harry And Other Celebs Have Sued Mirror Group

    Prince Harry

    Harry and three other claimants (representing several celebrities) sued the newspaper group over an illegal gathering of information between 1991 and 2011. He has also alleged that Rupert Murdoch paid a large sum of money to Prince William.

    This was for the royal family to keep their mouth shut over the phone hacking case. Since 2019, Harry and Meghan Markle have filed at least seven lawsuits against British tabloids.

    David Sherborne, his lawyer, said that his claim is “significant not just in terms of time span but in the range of activity it covers.” In the past, Harry has talked about how the palace was involved in planting stories against him.

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