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Chris Rock Takes A Dig At Meghan Markle

Currently, all is not well between the Royal Family and the couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The constant negative media that the couple has inflicted upon the family has made them distant from them. Since the two stepped back from the royal duties, they have been sharing the internal humiliation that they faced while being in the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess have made a docuseries and given several interviews, and Harry even released a memoir sharing some bombshell truths. Now, the comedian Chris Rock has roasted Meghan and the family.

Recently, Chris Rock had the biggest audience show since the Oscars slapgate in Baltimore, Maryland. Netflix had a live broadcast stream of his new special ‘Selective Outrage’. Comedian Ronny Cheing hosted the show. During the event, Chris Rock took a dig at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith due to the Oscars slapgate that had serious repercussions for Will Smith. Along with them, he took Meghan Markle’s class due to her appalled reaction to the Royal Family and their treatment of her. He criticized both.

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Chris Rock Alleged That Meghan Markle Did Not Face Racism

Chris Rock and Meghan Markle
Chris Rock and Meghan Markle

Chris Rock did not leave any celebrity who had been ‘selectively outrageous’ alluding to the moniker of the show. Along with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, he took a dig at Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex has claimed that they left the Royal Family back due to the unwanted attention from the media and the racist treatment towards her. She opened up about it during the Oprah interview.

Now, Chris Rock claims that she did not go through racism, she was dealing with some “in-law s***.” He started with, “Like who is this girl Meghan Markle? Seems like a nice lady – just complaining. Like didn’t she hit the light-skinned lottery?”.

Then, he roasted her reactions during the Oprah interview in 2021. Chris said, “You didn’t google these motherfuckers? What the f*** is she talking about she didn’t know? It’s the royal family. They’re the original racists. They invented colonialism. They are the OG’s of racism. They’re the Sugarhill Gang of racism.”

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The Comedian Admits Knowing About Her Dilemma

Chris Rock during Netflix's 'Selective Outrage'
Chris Rock during Netflix’s ‘Selective Outrage’

During his set, Chris Rock admitted that he knows what Meghan Markle is going through. He said, “I know her dilemma: Black girl trying to be accepted by her white in-laws. Oh, it’s hard. It’s so hard, it’s very hard– but it ain’t as hard as a white girl trying to be accepted by her Black in-laws. Now that s*** is really hard.”

After forming the premise, he landed the joke referencing the Kardashians asking her to marry one, because the family is very accepting. Rock said, “Meghan Markle, I know the dilemma. I’m like, ‘If you black and you wanted to be accepted by your white in-laws then you need to marry a Kardashian because they accept everybody.'”

King Charles III has evicted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from their UK base Frogmore Cottage. The cottage belongs to the late Queen Elizabeth II, but she gave it to the couple when the actress was pregnant with Archie. The two had their wedding reception in 2018 at the Cottage. They bore the cost of the renovations and repairs at the five-bedroom home. The sources told The Sun, “This surely spells the end of Harry and Meghan’s time in the UK”.

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