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    Meghan Markle Served Bags Of Marijuana At Her First Wedding To Make It “More Memorable”

    Behind the calming and sweet nature, there is also a crazy and quirky side to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. She has been married two times. One according to the Royal traditions of Prince Harry and another one according to her traditions.

    To add more fun to her wedding with ex-husband Trevor, Meghan served illegal marijuana. This was revealed through some leaked e-mails and through the guests present at the wedding.

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    Meghan Markle Served 200 Joints At Her Own Wedding

    Markle and her ex-husband Trevor Engelson
    Markle and her ex-husband Trevor Engelson

    A few e-mails were leaked about the conversation Meghan Markle had with her friends before the wedding day. She asked one of her friends to bring a certain type of bag to the wedding. The email wrote, “Already ordered ’em. And teeny ones for the pot that say ‘shh’.”

    The actress also ordered some muslin bags for illegal drugs to hide with glitzy gifts for the guests, according to the reports by The Sun. Meghan then signed off with a jokey smile.

    Previously her estranged father Thomas also revealed that guests at her wedding were given bags of marijuana. Moreover, the sources also claim that she was directly involved in the act and even helped the guests to roll the joint by inserting the filter tip.

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    The Bizarre Wedding

    Meghan Markle and ex- husband Trevor Engelson
    Meghan Markle and ex-husband Trevor Engelson

    During the time of the wedding, cannabis was illegal in Jamaica which goes back to 2012. An insider called her wedding a “boozy beach wedding with a magical backdrop” and “an epic weekend under the sun and stars”. With alcohol, there was weed too. Meghan was very excited to introduce weed to the guests, but she didn’t smoke much herself.

    The guest said, “It didn’t seem like it was really her thing, Trevor and his friends definitely had more experience with it. I think she is more of a champagne and rose kind of girl. It almost looked like she didn’t know how to smoke”.

    The guest added more that it wasn’t her thing. “It is not something that was very much ‘her’, but it was part of the theme and the couple were very excited to have this surprise gift for the guests”, they said.

    The couple thought that drugs might add some fun to the wedding. The source also added, “It was a destination wedding in Jamaica, so they thought it would be appropriate and cool to supply this. She thought it would make it memorable.”

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