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    Is Prince William Abusive Toward Kate Middleton?

    Everyone in the public eye has to pay a price, and their personal lives become the currency of the media. The Royal Family is the perfect specimen of the price one has to pay for constantly being in the limelight. The members have been embroiled in controversies, but Prince William and Kate Middleton have cut through scandals and chaos, and they have become the favorite royal couple.

    The love story of Kate Middleton and Prince William is a dreamy college romance, leading to their marriage in 2011. The Prince and Princess of Wales are parents to three gorgeous children, Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. But it has not always been a bed of roses for the couple. Prince William has been accused of having an extramarital affair which created a rift between the couple. Now the reports suggest that William is displaying abusive behavior toward Kate.

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    Is Prince William Emotionally And Verbally Abusing Kate Middleton?

    The Prince and Princess of Wales
    The Prince and Princess of Wales

    There seems to be no love in this palace! The royal family controversies seem never-ending, and Prince William and Kate Middleton are now in the middle of the storm. A staff member has come forward and claimed that Kate is not in the best emotional state due to alleged abuse hurled at her by her husband, William.

    As per the anonymous source, Kate’s mental health is suffering due to the pressures of royal duties and maintaining peace in her marriage. The source said, “Kate’s really been through the wringer lately. The way William treats her is just awful, and it’s been really hard on her. She’s such a strong person, but even she has her breaking point.”

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    The Prince’s Mistress Rose Hanbury Will Attend King Charles III’s Coronation

    Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury
    Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury

    After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, King Charles III ascended the throne. On May 6, 2023, the family will witness the crowning in a statewide ceremony in the presence of all important delegates and celebrities. There will be other royal descendants present during the ceremony. One of them is the alleged mistress of Prince William, Rose Hanbury.

    Rose Hanbury and David Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, are married. The couple has been close to the Prince and Princess of Wales since they shifted to Norfolk and became their neighbors. They even attended their wedding in 2011. In 2019, however, reports started swirling that William had committed infidelity. The media spotted him with Rose celebrating Valentine’s Day, gifting her a pearl necklace. It is obligatory for Rose and David to attend the ceremony to maintain the Royal Family ties.

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