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    “It’s Not Insurmountable”: Prince William Points At The Cracks In Government’s Current Plans To Combat Homelessness And Pledges Bigger And Better Reforms

    Since Prince Harry departed from the royal family, Prince William has stepped to the plate. The Prince of Wales recently turned 41 and is famously reticent about talking to the media. But he recently sat down for a rare interview where he spoke about his plans as heir apparent to King Charles III.

    Prince William laid out his plans to deal with the epidemic of homelessness in the United Kingdom. He also addressed the concerns about how the problem is being dealt with and admitted the current measures are in no way helping to combat the problem. He also talked about his experimental social housing for the homeless community.

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    Prince William Admits Current Policies Assisting Homeless Communities Lacks Substance

    Prince William isn’t pleased with current government policies for people experiencing homelessness.

    ‘More’ was the major takeaway from Prince William’s interview with Sunday Times. King Charles III’s heir talked at length about his motivations as a royal, eventually talking about the problem of homelessness. A long-time advocate of the cause, he had no hesitation in admitting the current policy to deal with homelessness is not up to the mark.

    Prince Wiliam reiterated that the focus be prevention, telling Sunday Times, “It’s not insurmountable, this challenge. If anyone does become homeless (we can say), ‘OK, here’s the way back, here’s the pathway’. We can visualise that and we can show people that there is a way to do it.”

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    Prince William’s Plans To Combat The Problem Of Homelessness

    The Prince of Wales is working relentlessly to combat the issue of homelessness

    Prince William also candidly discussed the need for monarchy in the 21st century. While he understands how it can baffle an outsider, he insists the royal family’s contribution is more than it seems in the country’s governance. But he soon turned the conversation to the subject of homeless communities and his plans to deal with the problem.

    The new Prince Of Wales will launch a “really big housing” project for the homeless community. He told the newspaper he and his wife Kate are working to provide “living conditions up and down the country that improve people’s lives who need that first rung of the ladder.” He also talked about social housing being a significant part of his plans.

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