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    King Charles Ascends An “Especially Dear” Military Role From Queen Elizabeth

    The royal family is still recovering from the recent health scare after both King Charles and Kate Middleton had to undergo surgeries for different reasons. While Kate Middleton is still recovering with theories about her disappearance swirling, King Charles has gotten back to the royal duties despite being diagnosed with cancer.

    Unfazed by the health obstacle, King Charles assumed a sentimental royal role with the British Army on March 1st, St. David’s Day. He is now the new Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Welsh Regiment of the British Army. Along with some heavy British prestige, the update also holds a sentimental value.

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    King Charles Assumed The Role Of Colonel-in-Chief Of The Royal Welsh Regiment

    King Charles (Credit: Getty)
    King Charles (Credit: Getty)

    The British regiment made the announcement of King Charles taking over the role from late Queen Elizabeth after the swearing in. “HM The King has been pleased to take on the role of Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Welsh regiment, in succession to the late Queen who held this role with great affection for 16 years,” a statement said.

    It is especially dear to HM The King as his first military appointment as Prince of Wales was as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Wales, a position he held for 37 years before their amalgamation in 2006,” the announcement added.

    Queen Elizabeth last visited the Royal Welsh to mark St. David’s Day in March 2017, reviewing the regiment in her capacity as Colonel-in-Chief. Leeks, symbolizing Saint David, and daffodils, closely associated with Wales, were presented to soldiers in keeping with tradition.

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    King Charles Pronounces Prince William As The Prince Of Wales

    Queen Elizabeth (Credit: Getty)
    Queen Elizabeth (Credit: Getty)

    King Charles ascended to the throne in September 2022, after serving as Prince of Wales for most of his life. After the swearing in, King Charles used his first speech as sovereign to pronounce his son Prince William as the new Prince of Wales. Prince William, meanwhile, made a solo trip to Wrexham in celebration of St. David’s Day.

    The King’s connection to the Royal Welsh regiment deepened shortly after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. On September 16 of the same year, he and Queen Camilla visited Wales and were greeted by Sheinkin IV, the regiment’s goat mascot, at Cardiff Castle.

    While the King did not make a public appearance on St. David’s Day, Prince William represented the royal family in several engagements in Wales. The King’s absence on the feast day follows the recent announcement of his cancer diagnosis, where Buckingham Palace confirmed that he had commenced treatment but stated it was not prostate cancer.

    The king has received an outpouring of support. He recently resumed his royal duties after a heath scare hiatus and met with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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