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    Prince Harry Is ‘Deeply Hurt’ And Feels ‘Unwanted’ After Visiting King Charles

    Reports of King Charles‘ ailing health has brought in hopes for the Royal Family to reconcile again- more specifically, for Prince Harry to get back with his family. Things, however, aren’t that easy for the Duke.

    Reports suggest that Harry’s attempts at reconciling aren’t really going as planned. More so, Prince Harry’s recent visit suggests that King Charles still isn’t ready to forgive his younger son’s past actions. Here’s everything that happened.

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    King Charles’ Behaviour Towards Prince Harry

    King Charles and Prince Harry (Image: Getty)
    King Charles and Prince Harry (Image: Getty)

    King Charles’ health concerns has driven Prince Harry to try and rebuild all the old bonds that was destroyed after his marriage with Meghan Markle, but it seems Charles isn’t making things that easy for the Duke.

    In a recent interview, Harry, who has been super vocal about his family in the past years, surprisingly dodged a question about his father by saying, “That stays between me and him“, something that was seen as an attempt to hide at trying to revive sour bonds.

    “Harry’s refusal to go into detail about his father’s illness on Good Morning America is definitely a sign that he knows he has gone too far in the past,” Royal expert Tom Quinn says.

    However, Harry is hurt that he is not being allowed to see the King for more than thirty minutes, an issue that has been incredibly hurtful for him, as officials also made it clear that his presence isn’t really needed.

    “He was hurt that he only got to spend thirty minutes with his father on his recent visit and that officials made it clear that he was not really wanted,” Tom adds, “This has made him completely re-think how he behaves – he’s going to try to be a new, restrained, more reticent royal but only so long as his efforts are recognized by the family.”

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    Prince Harry And King Charles’ Relationship

    King Charles and Prince Harry (Image: Getty)
    King Charles and Prince Harry (Image: Getty)

    In the past, it has been pretty evident that the youngest Royal has had a strained relationship with his father; more particularly after he has openly answered questions about the Royal family and launched his own memoir ‘Spare’ where he went into detail about his relationship with his father, disclosing that Charles referred to William and him as ‘The Heir and The Spare’

    In his memoir, Harry writes about how his father’s age acted as a barrier between the father-son duo. “He’d been an older dad, and I’d always felt that this created problems, placed barriers between us. In his middle years he’d become more sedentary, more habitual. He liked his routines. He wasn’t the kind of father who played endless rounds of tag, or tossed a ball until long after dark. But, long before we were ready, he stopped engaging in that kind of physical fun. He just didn’t have the enthusiasm.”.

    Harry also talks about reconciling with his family and writes, “There’s a lot that can happen between now and then. But, you know, the door is always open.”

    He also wrote about his father and his brother Prince William’s reluctance to reconcile with him. “They’ve shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile. They feel as though it is better to keep (Meghan Markle and I) as the villains. I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back.”

    Things, however, have taken a turn now with Charles’ deteriorating health, something that certainly has opened doors for Harry to attempt at a better relationship with his family.

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