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    Prince Louis Steals The Show With Adorable Antics At Christmas Carol Service

    Getting your children to pose for a family photo is a universal struggle. And the Royal Family is no exception to it. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three kids, who attend more official state events in a month than most of us do in a lifetime, seem wary of posing for photos as well.

    During a recent event of Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey, the five-year-old Prince Louis was caught performing adorable antics. The royal family offered a departure from royal formality during the event.

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    Prince Louis Blows His Sister’s Candle, Draws Grin From Her

    Royal family during the Christmas celebrations. (Image: GETTY)

    The annual Christmas service was hosted by the Princess of Wales for the third consecutive year. The event featured performances from the Westminster Abbey choir and celebrities like Beverley Knight and Adam Lambert. Middleton’s family, including Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the lively Prince Louis, were in the limelight of the event.

    The ceremony was two hours long. And as it would be a task for any toddler, the Year One kid Prince Louis was also seen acting like the child he is. Louis was yawning during the service, though his energy seemed to have surged when the fire became part of the scene.

    The toddler seemed to get excited by his sister Charlotte’s candle, which he tried to blow out. The act drew a grin from his sister and an exasperated face from his mother, while the paparazzi were just glad about an adorable capture they got.

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    Prince Louis Is As Much A Child As Any Other Child

    Royal family during an earlier event. (Image: GETTY)

    From there onwards, all cameras were more or less focused on the five-year-old. Prince Louis continued to exhibit his expressive and animated demeanor. Many of his pictures are making rounds on social media, drawing jolly reactions from netizens.

    This is not the first time that Prince Louis’s cuteness has gained attention across the media. Similar reactions from the toddler were visible during King Charles’s coronation and the Trooping the Colour event.

    Prince Louis’s actions, reflecting those of any other normal toddler, comes as a refreshing view of a household often perceived as formal and reserved. Though it is a notion that the royal family generally has a cold and stiff behavior, the normalcy in Louis’s mannerisms has come as a relief for many.

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