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    Princess Margaret’s Husband: Who Did Countess Of Snowdon Marry?

    Princess Margaret is one of the most interesting and talked about members of the British Royal family. A rebel from the beginning, Margaret made several choices in life that did not align with the royals. One of the most controversial aspects of her life has to be her personal life and marriage.

    Her personal life received extensive coverage from the British media and it was also a subject of much speculation by media and royal experts. She fell in love with a man but it did not reach the stage of marriage because of several issues. So whom did the Countess of Snowdon marry? Let’s find out.

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    Princess Margaret’s Love Life

    Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret
    Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret

    The daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret was the younger and only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1944, she met Peter Townsend, a Royal Air Force (RAF) officer serving in the world war.

    Peter was already married at that time but their closeness grew over the years. He divorced his wife right after Margaret’s father King George VI died and Elizabeth became the queen in 1952.

    He proposed to Margaret which she accepted. However, the Archbishop of Canterbury refused to give permission for their relationship since he was a divorced man which was against Catholic beliefs at that time. She eventually had to give up her plans to marry Peter after the backlash from the establishment as well as her discovery of his affair in the Bahamas.

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    Who Was Her Husband?

    Antony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret
    Antony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret

    After her relationship with Peter came to an end, Margaret moved on with her life. In 1958, she met photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones at a supper party. The two started meeting frequently and got engaged in October 1959.

    He proposed to her with a rosebud-shaped diamond ring. Media reports stated that Margaret also got to know about his marriage plans with a Belgian woman named Marie-Luce Jamagne who looked like her.

    Despite this revelation, the two got married on 6 May 1960 and their wedding was the first royal wedding to be broadcasted on live television. More than 300 million people saw their wedding across the globe. The couple had two children, a son, and a daughter. They divorced in 1978 and Margaret never remarried.

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