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    Greatest Conspiracy Theory In History: Phantom Time Hypothesis Claims We Are Still Living In 1700s

    There are all kinds of hypotheses in this world that will force you to scratch your head. These things cover a variety of subjects and themes including time, mortality, space, and many more. One of them is the phantom time hypothesis.

    It is more of a historical conspiracy theory than a hypothesis per se. If we dig deep into it, it might blow some people’s minds. Touted as one of the greatest conspiracy theories in history, it absolutely turns understanding of time on its head. Believing it or not is up to you, but it is worth taking a look at.

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    What Is The Phantom Time Hypothesis?

    Emperor Otto
    Emperor Otto

    The Phantom Time Hypothesis is a conspiracy theory given by Heribert Illig. It was first published in 1991. The theory basically exaggerates the claims of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII.

    According to this theory, the entire Carolingian period (named after the namesake dynasty) including the figure of Charlemagne, is a fabrication. It also suggests that a “phantom time” of 297 years (AD 614–911) was added to the Early Middle Ages.

    llig initially published several proposals for revised chronologies of prehistory and of ancient Egypt. His work was often criticized by historians.

    He fabricated the Anno Domini dating system retroactively in his hypothesis. This was done in order to place them in the special year of AD 1000 and to rewrite history in their accordance.

    The rewriting was done to legitimize Otto’s claim to the Holy Roman Empire. The main claim focused on Europe. It states that the Early Middle Ages (AD 614–911), are either wrongly dated, or did not occur at all. He claims that it was a general conspiracy to cover that up.

    Does The Hypothesis Hold Water?

    Time Hypothesis
    Time Hypothesis

    Historians and experts have categorically denied the claims that the Middle Age did not exist. The pieces of evidence llig provided are circumstantial. They do raise some serious questions about some inconsistencies and forgeries in the historical period.

    But stating that three centuries are missing is a far-fetched claim without any evidence. According to ZME Science, the proof against this case are much stronger than the ones going for it.

    For example, there are still a lot of artifacts that were found and dated from that period, specifically from the middle age of Europe.

    The astronomical observations from the ancient period also fit with the modern observations; thus suggesting that there is no phantom time or time vacuum. Comparing the timeline to other regions of the world like China concludes that there is no phantom time.

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