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    Grizzly Bear Hilariously Photobombs A Zoo Wedding

    People get married at all kinds of places apart from the usual ones. Sometimes in the air, some chose to tie the knot on water bodies, others chose places that haven’t been chosen before. But what if a bear photobombs the wedding?

    This happened with a couple who decided to have their wedding ceremony held at the Minnesota Zoo. While the pictures were really nice, some of them intrigued the netizens. Especially one that involves the hilarious reaction of a grizzly bear. The bear has photobombed the wedding and people can’t stop talking about it.

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    Bear Hilariously Photobombs Wedding Shoot

    Wedding shoot
    Wedding shoot

    In September 2018, a couple tied the knot at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. They decided to take some photos inside the zoo when a Russian Grizzly bear photobombed.

    The bear was apparently less than happy with the experience. While the couple held hands and kissed as the pictures were taken, the bear was also captured in the background. He was seen giving hilarious reactions to the situation, as if he was completely heartbroken by the wedding.

    The four legged creature was seen giving priceless facial expression to the wedding shoot. The groom, who is a Reddit user, took to the platform to share some of the pictures taken during the session.

    “So we got married at the Zoo, and this bear had an interesting first look reaction,” the guy with the username DrBaumli captioned it.

    Really Susan?! That Guy?

    Bear Photobomb
    Bear Photobomb

    The pictures were taken by Chris and Kristy Photography and have gone viral since it hit the internet. It has received all kinds of reactions from netizens and Reddit users.

    One person wrote, “He looks like that one guy friend who secretly had a thing for the bride and just finally lost all hope.”

    Another wrote, “Wow, did the minister asks if anyone had any objections to speak now or forever hold their peace?”, another user asked. The bear is like: REALLY SUSAN?! THAT GUY?

    The groom talked about the fact that the images were the photographer’s idea. “They said it was very fortunate to get a picture with one of the local denizens; the animals typically go in for mealtime when we’re allowed to wander prior to the ceremony,” he wrote. “This Russian grizzly bear was the only one kind enough give us his “blessings.”‘

    He also explained that the ceremony took place after the zoo was closed to other visitors completely, in the evening.

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