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    Walking Sharks Caught On Camera, Leaves Scientist Amazed

    Sharks are really majestic creatures. They are also one of the largest fish in water, even though some confuse them to be mammals. Sharks are also very fierce predators that can detect blood from miles away.

    Now, a recent series of videos has made a new revelation about these sea creatures. The videos show sharks walking out of the water and walking onto land. It feels like a fake story but it is actually captured on camera.

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    Sharks Walk On Land In the Viral Video

    Epaulette shark
    Epaulette shark

    The Twitter account of Discovery Channel’s show ‘Shark Week‘ has posted two videos on its handle. The two videos show a diminutive tan-and-black-speckled shark leaving water and walking on land.

    It was captured by scientists on a remote outcropping at nightfall on the coast of Papua New Guinea on May 3. The unique ability of these sharks has astounded scientists.

    The video, taken for the Discovery show ‘Island of the Walking Sharks,’ shows the shark using its fins to move out of the water and walk on land. The host can be seen surprised and saying that it’s the first time in history that a shark has been captured walking on land.

    They are the only known sharks in the world to do that. In another video, the shark can be seen slithering between water and land. It was captioned, “These fins were made for walking!”

    The Only Shark Specie To Walk On Land

    Epaulette shark
    Epaulette shark

    According to Live Science, the creature was an epaulette shark ( scientific name Hemiscyllium ocellatum). They are the only shark species with the ability to walk on land.

    The video was shared by Forrest Galante, who is a conservationist and biologist, for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week called ‘Island of the Walking Sharks’. “This is the first time in history one of the Papuan species of epaulettes has been documented walking,” Forrest said on the show. “This is so incredible.”

    Scientists believe that epaulette sharks, a species found throughout the southern coast of New Guinea and the northern coast of Australia, evolved the ability to walk. It is because it helps them in foraging for food in places where other sharks could not survive.

    Epaulette sharks can stretch themselves 100 feet (30 m) or more across dry land, according to Gavin Naylor. He is the director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History. These sharks can survive when oxygen is scarce and spend up to an hour on land on a single breath.

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