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    “He Hijacks The Show And Turns It Into A Horror Film”: Aemond Targaryen Actor Reveals How The Kinslayer Will Embrace His Evil Side In ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2

    Brace yourselves, House of the Dragonfans, because winter isn’t the only thing coming.  Season 2 promises to unleash a new kind of terror and it all hinges on the cunning and increasingly volatile Prince Aemond Targaryen.  

    Actor Ewan Mitchell, who portrays the young prince, recently dropped a bombshell hint about how Aemond will turn the show “into a horror film.” Let’s unpack what this statement might mean for the upcoming season.

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    Aemond’s Targaryen’s Dark Transformation

    Aemond Targareyan
    Aemond Targareyan

    In season 1, Aemond was a complex figure. Often overshadowed by his older brother Aegon and ostracized for his lack of a dragon, he embodied a simmering resentment. However, the season finale marked a turning point. Aemond, in a moment of impulsive cruelty, claimed the powerful dragon Vhagar, a beast considerably larger and older than any other Targaryen mount.

    Additionally, this act not only ignited a fierce hatred between him and Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys Velaryon but also hinted at a darkness stirring within Aemond. Mitchell suggests that season 2 will see this darkness fully unleashed. He describes Aemond as “playing you like a violin.”

    “He hijacks the show and turns it into a horror film,” he added while talking to Vogue. However, the potential is there. The Targaryens, with their history of madness and their reliance on fire-breathing dragons, already possess an inherent element of the monstrous. In conclusion, Aemond’s descent into darkness, coupled with the looming Targaryen civil war, could create a truly unsettling atmosphere. 

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    House Of The Dragon Season 2 Will Also Have The Awaited Battle Between Aemond And Daemon Targaryen 

    Daemon Targareyan
    Daemon Targareyan

    House of the Dragon’ season 2 is gearing up to be an epic spectacle, brimming with not just political machinations and family feuds, but full-blown war. We can expect massive battle sequences showcasing the devastating power of dragons, a sight sure to leave audiences awestruck. However, amidst the chaos, all eyes will be on a single, highly anticipated confrontation: Aemond Targaryen versus Daemon Targaryen.

    This isn’t just a fight for power, it’s a culmination of simmering tensions and a tragic history. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the outcome will undoubtedly have a seismic impact on the Targaryen civil war. Additionally, while the details of the battle remain shrouded in secrecy, one thing’s for sure, it’ll be a clash for the ages.  

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