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    Matt Smith Opens Up About His Character Daemon Targaryen’s “Deeply Perverse Ways” In Season 2 Of ‘House of the Dragon’

    Fans of ‘House of the Dragon‘ are expecting to see some thrilling developments in the upcoming Season 2, as the Targaryen civil war is set to intensify. But as seen in the trailers, there’s also internal strife among the Blacks. Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen will seemingly find himself at odds with his wife, Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Emma D’Arcy.

    The tension is new to the storyline and could spell significant trouble for Daemon, as Smith himself hinted in a recent interview. Speaking further about losing Rheanyra’s trust, a central plotline in the story here’s what Smith said.

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    Matt Smith Explains His Character Daemon Targaryen’s Psychology In The Upcoming Season

    Still from 'House of the Dragon'
    Still from ‘House of the Dragon’

    House of the Dragon‘ is a part of the ‘Game of Thrones‘ franchise which is infamous for some unimaginable plotlines. The rift between the show’s two lead characters who also happen to be spouses is one such narrative that the audiences may not have expected, but will grace their screens in a deadly season 2 of the show.

    Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen on the show, has opened up about the plot twist and what it can mean for the storyline. “In his perverse way–and it is deeply perverse–Daemon thinks he’s doing the right thing,” Smith said during a recent interview with Variety.

    And sometimes he’s just doing it because he likes that feeling of being the black sheep… We start to see the mask slip. Life becomes more difficult, and he gets soft around the edges. He starts to unravel,” he added.

    Smith also described the state of Daemon’s character this season. “We definitely meet Daemon at a point of crisis in this situation, and in many ways, it’s a different version of him. It’s one that’s much weaker,” he said.

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    Matt Smith’s Character Daemon Will Spend Considerable Time At The Harrenhal Castle

    Still from 'House of the Dragon'
    Still from ‘House of the Dragon’

    Speaking during the interview with Variety, Matt Smith revealed that his character Daemon will spend considerable time at Harrenhal, the castle famously scarred by dragon fire in the original series. Smith and D’Arcy therefore won’t share many scenes together in Season 2. The separation has been lamented by both actors.

    “It was difficult to do it without (D’Arcy) because I love them–a person of real depth and sardonic humor and fierce intellect,” Smith said. D’Arcy also echoed these sentiments.

    (Smith) has incredibly high standards, so you at least have a chance of the work being satisfying,” he said, before laughing and noting, “I have petitioned for more (screen time with him) next season.”

    House of the Dragon‘ Season 2 will premiere on HBO and Max on June 16.

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