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    “He’s Not In On How Slick He Is”: Alan Ritchson Feels Reacher Is The American James Bond But Not ‘Predictable’ Like 007

    It seems like Reacher doesn’t need a license to kill from James Bond, and can do it with as much style. Reacher and 007 share a few characteristics – being resourceful, tough, and outside the traditional constraints are some of their major qualities. James Bond has a long-lived legacy and ‘Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson thinks that his character Reacher is his version of Bond, but cooler.

    While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Alan compared his character to the OG 007. He said, “Reacher, to me, is like the American Bond, I think it’s a cool way to go about doing it where it’s a little less purposefully cool. He’s not in on how slick he is.”

    It’s very bold of him to compare the two characters. Ritchson thinks that James Bond is now ‘outdated’. He said, “I don’t feel like we can have characters these days that are in on the joke. Either they know that they’re funny, they know that they’re smart, they know that they’re very cool or capable or invincible — I feel like it reduces the stakes of stories, and we’ve seen too many movies, we’re too savvy as an audience to be entertained by that.”

    Ritchson explained how the characters these days should be more human and who is not sure about their life or death. Audiences these days need visual storytelling and unexplored concepts and Bond doesn’t offer that. Ritchson wants the larger-than-life concept to exist but with the essence of humanity. He added at last, I love Bond, but I feel like it’s all a little misogynistic and predictable at this point.”

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    The ‘Reacher’ Legacy

    Alan Ritchson
    Alan Ritchson as Reacher

    Reacher‘ is the story of a retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher who encounters various dangerous criminals and is forced to battle with them once he is entangled in a murder. Made on a high budget of $60 million, the Jack Reacher‘ film starring Tom Cruise previously made $218.3 million at the cinemas. The film didn’t gain much of the notoriety and the critics weren’t also over the board with the storyline.

    However, audiences remained fond of the story and a series was made by Amazon starring Alan Ritchson. The series received an 8.9/10 IMbD rating with 98% Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, there are two seasons of ‘Reacher‘.

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