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    The Iconic Detective James Bond Was Pitched As A Woman Before 1962’s ‘Dr. No’

    While James Bond ultimately became synonymous with a male character, the notion of gender-swapping the role was definitely in the talks. Despite the first woman James Bond being cast in 2021, it was in talks way before.

    Actress Lashana Lynch became the first woman Bond in ‘No Time To Die. However, the idea was pitched over six decades ago. In Ian Fleming‘s biography by Nicholas Shakespeare, it was confirmed that the producer Gregory Ratoff had pitched the idea of actress Susan Hayward portraying Bond.

    According to the novel, Hayward was to portray Bond in the film adaptation of the first novel ‘Casino Royale’. In the biography, it was written that “Since the mid-1950s, many well-known actors had been approached to play Bond. Gregory Ratoff had the arresting idea of having Bond played by a woman, Susan Hayward.

    Fleming wanted Robert Burton to be the first James Bond. However, Burton declined the role. No big actor was ready to be Bond for more than one movie. Ultimately, the first Bond was portrayed by Sean Connery in 1962’s ‘Dr. No’.

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    Ian Fleming Was ‘Shocked’ By Sean Connery Getting Cast As James Bond

    Sean Connery as James Bond
    Sean Connery as James Bond

    Fleming wanted someone elegant to play Bond in the first movie. However, he did not feel that Connery was the right fit for the role after meeting him. “He’s not my idea of Bond at all, I just want an elegant man, not this roughneck,” he said.

    But Connery proved Fleming wrong and became the ultimate James Bond, winning over fans with his charm and style. Even Bond producer Michael G. Wilson talked about how Sean’s portrayal had established the character. “If it hadn’t been Sean, who knows? Would it have captured the attention of the whole world? It was the sheer self-confidence he exuded.”

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