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    Benedict Wong’s Missed ‘Game Of Thrones’ Role: The Actor Talks About What Could’ve Been

    There are many things running behind the scenes that we mere fans don’t ever get to see. In the world of lit-up screens and cutting-room scripts, the viewers often miss out on things that could’ve been. Lucky for us, Benedict Wong decided to let the world in on this behind-the-scenes tale straight from the ‘Game Of Thrones’ universe.  

    The Marvel star Wong is currently promoting his latest Netflix series, ‘3 Body Problem’. A sci-fi adventure based on author Lie Cixin’s internationally recognized sci-fi trilogy of the same name. Now another intriguing figure starring in this series is Liam Cunningham, otherwise known as Sir Davos.

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    Benedict Wong’s Brush With Braavos

    Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham
    Benedict Wong and Liam Cunningham

    In an exclusive interview with EW, the Doctor Strange star shared a fun little fact as his co-star and great friend Liam Cunningham was sitting beside him. The 52-year-old actor revealed how he almost snagged a role in the world of Westeros when David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the creators of the show told Ben about a character they had in mind for him. 

    The ‘Marco Polo’ star started, “I think it was for a role of a banker or something,” and Cunningham, the man behind Ser Davos finished. Liam said, “You would’ve been in a scene with me! In the Bank of Braavos.”

    The ‘GOT’ star gave more context on the plotline our Mr magician could’ve fallen into. “Me and Stephen Dillane need to get some money to start a war. That would’ve been cool!” He finished.

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    Wong And Cunningham’s Cosmic Reunion For ‘3 Body Problem’

    '3 Body Problem' poster
    ‘3 Body Problem’ poster

    If you’re lost in the wastelands of Westeros, fast forward to the present day for what scene we couldn’t have years ago, we will get now. Wong and Cunningham have found themselves on a cosmic collision course once again.

    This time, they’re not jostling for coin in Braavos, in this universe they’ve got other mysteries to solve. In this adaption of Lie Cixin’s sci-fi book, Wong steps into the shoes of Da Shi who is a former intelligence officer dealing with interstellar secrets.

    All while Cunningham takes on the role of Wade, the head honcho of the world’s most elite intelligence operation. ‘3 Body Problem’ drops on Netflix on March 21, bringing forth another star-studded adventure through space and time!

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