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    ‘Black Mirror’ Season 7: Plot, Cast, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

    The ‘Black Mirror‘ world has been keeping viewers craving for more even though the show has unveiled some of the darkest and most threatening secrets of the technological world. The anthology series is now gearing up for its seventh season bringing forth some more twisted stories to the screen.

    The show has so far released six seasons, with the last one airing in June 2023. Each episode of the show tells a dystopian story, all of which are brainchild of the show creator creator Charlie Brooker. As fans now await season 7, here’s all we know about the next much-anticipated installment of the show.

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    ‘Black Mirror’ Adds An Interesting Twist To A Special Episode In Upcoming Season

    Still from 'Black Mirror'
    Still from ‘Black Mirror’

    Netflix has officially announced that Season 7 of ‘Black Mirror‘ is in the works and will comprise six episodes. This comes as a delightful surprise for the show’s fans as Season 5 had only five episodes, whereas the season before that had only three.

    Though ‘Black Mirror‘ is an anthology series, the show creators are adding an interesting twist to it this season. Netflix announced that the upcoming season would also feature the return of a fan-favorite story with a special sequel episode to ‘USS Callister.

     This episode was originally premiered in Season 4 and emerged as one of the most lauded ones in the season. It tells the story of a video game creator who creates sentient digital clones of his coworkers by using their DNAs. In his gaming world, he treats them as per his will. However, one of his newly cloned co-workers convinces others to revolt against his treatment. 

    The sequel of this episode with show the aftermath of the crew’s escape and the fate of the game creator Robert Daly, played by Jesse Plemons.

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    ‘Black Mirror’ Fans Can Expect Some Old Cast Members To Reprise Their Roles

    Still from 'Black Mirror'
    Still from ‘Black Mirror’

    Other than the stories that are both bone-chilling and mind-bending, ‘Black Mirror‘ is also known for its star-studded cast. Season 7 is going to be no exception to the rule. While specific casting details remain under wraps, it is likely that the familiar faces from ‘USS Callister‘ including Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, and Michaela Coel will return.

    It is also speculated that Aaron Paul, who played Gamer691 in the original episode, will make an appearance.

    Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed the full roster of writers for Season 7, fans can expect Charlie Brooker, Jessica Rhoades, and Annabel Jones to return as executive producers. Since the names have already been associated with the show since it’s very beginning, the expectations about the show’s performance in the new season are pretty high.

    The streaming platform has not yet released the official release date for Season 7, but it is confirmed that it will premiere in 2025.

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