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    Courteney Cox Starrer ‘Shining Vale’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

    The ‘Shining Vale’ created by Sharon Horgan and Astrof revolves around a family that shifts to a haunted house in a small town. However no one in the family except the family matriarch Pat would see the ghosts. Later in season two, Pat’s daughter also begins to experience the hauntings. 

    The series stars Courtney Cox as the family matriarch along with Greg Kinnear, Merrin Dungey, and Judith Light. After positive reviews from the audience for season one, the production went ahead with the second season, but unfortunately, Courteney Cox’s starrer series could not make it to the third season.

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    Why Was Shining Vale Cancelled After Two Seasons?

    Shining Vale
    Shining Vale

    The comedy horror series earned positive reviews for its first season which was released in March 2022. After the high demand from the fans and favorable reviews from the critics, Shining Vale renewed for a second season in October 2023. Sadly it was less successful and the producers had to cancel the show and also take it down from Starz’s platforms.

    During an exclusive interview with Variety, Jeff Astrof said, “Given all the real heart-breaking news going on in the world right now, it would be inappropriate for me to say I’m heartbroken about Starz not picking up ‘Shining Vale’ for a Season 3.”

    He further added, “However, I have no problem saying I am crushed and deeply saddened by the news. For the actors, it has been a year since we wrapped, but I have been working on writing Season 3 up until I heard the news last week.”

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    Courteney Cox Opens Up About Tackling Her Most Challenging Role To Date

    Courteney Cox
    Courteney Cox

    Courtney Cox has dipped her toes in a little bit of all genres. The actress has been a part of the most famous sitcom ‘Friends’, survived the wrath of Ghostface, and also produced a game show. However, the horror genre seems the actress’s favorite genre as she stars as well as produced ‘Shining Vale’. 

    Courtney Cox revealed that it was the description of the film that attracted her to take up the role. The creator Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan described the film as the comedy version of ‘The Shining’.

    While filming for the role, Cox recalled, “It’s not a groundbreaking genre. It’s nothing new. I’ve obviously been in comedies and horror that have been joined together, but the way this is done, I thought it was really original and I had high hopes for it. It’s very exciting.” This role was one of the most challenging roles taken up by the ‘Friends’ alum. 

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