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    ‘Downton Abbey’: Why Dan Stevens’ Matthew Crawley Was Killed On The Show

    Julian Fellowes’ British period drama ‘Downton Abbey’ is one of the most critically acclaimed British dramas. The series has a big fan following. But viewers were equally shocked and angry with the showrunners when one of their beloved characters was killed off in the show. 

    Downton Abbey’s heir Matthew Crawley’s death was one of the most heartbreaking moments on television. Viewers were as devastated as were the showrunners on the exit of Matthew Crawley from the show. So today let’s take a look at why this decision was taken that broke so many hearts. 

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    Dan Stevens Was Looking For New Opportunities 

    The main reason behind Matthew Crawley’s exit from the show was Dan Stevens wanting to leave. ‘Downton Abbey‘ undoubtedly brought Dan Stevens the fame and recognition that his career needed. But he felt that it was time for a change from playing “posh house dramas, and World War I dramas, and anything with floppy hair.”

    Dan Stevens explained in various interviews later that status and money had little to do with his decision to exit Downton Abbey’. His contract was also coming to an end so instead of renewing it, he decided to pursue other opportunities in the States. Dan Stevens was also concerned about him becoming a particular typecast by remaining on the show. 

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    Why Did Matthew Crawley Meet Such An Unexpected End?

    One thing is for sure the death of Matthew Crawley not only saddened the viewers but also devastated the showrunners. Julian Fellowes, the show’s creator and co-writer said, “I didn’t have a choice.”Although he tried his best to make Dan Stevens stay, he was not ready. Stevens reportedly wanted a clean break from the famous character. 

    Even Executive Producer Gareth Neame agreed that an exit like this was the best course of action. “We were all agreed that the only way we could break Mary and Matthew apart was for one to die,” he told The Evening Standard. “There really was no alternative.” Rightly said, Mary and Matthew’s love story had just become successful with their marriage and a child. So a quick unexpected death was likely the only way for a good exit. 

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