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    Emilia Clarke Set To Star In Lead Role In Amazon Prime’s Upcoming Adaptation Of ‘Criminal’

    Comic book lovers can rejoice as one of the most talked about comics ‘Criminal’ is getting adapted into a series by Amazon Prime Video. Created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, ‘Criminal’ has a big fan base which is seemingly set to expand with its screen adaptation. 

    Adding more to the excitement over the show, Variety reported that the ‘Game Of Thrones‘ star Emilia Clarke will play a lead role in the upcoming adaptation. Though the actress herself not confirmed the news yet, fans are excited to see the Queen of Dragons in a whole new avatar. Here’s all about the exciting project.

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    Which Character Is Emilia Clarke Playing In ‘Criminal’?

    Emilia Clarke
    Emilia Clarke

    As per Variety, Emilia Clarke will take on the lead role of Mallory in the screen adaptation of ‘Criminal‘. In the comic books, Mallory is described as “a slick and daring armed robber, as quick with a gun as she is with her wits.” Mallory is also in a “passionate Bonnie-and-Clyde-like affair with” Ricky Lawless. 

    The character is further described as “a woman on the edge, living on the wrong side of the law and hiding secrets that will bring her and her entire crew into the danger zone.” It will be really interesting to see how the ‘Secret Invasion‘ star takes on this role as she has often taken up feminine roles.

    Though her portrayal of Khaleesi was fierce, it had undertones of a feminine energy who later rises to power as her circumstances grow worse and force her to take over. With her upcoming role in the show, it is likely that fans will get to her in a totally different light.

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    Charlie Hunnam And Richard Jenkins Will Also Star In The Series

    Criminal comics
    Criminal comics

    Amazon Prime Video has big plans for ‘Criminal’, with novelist Jordan Harper also onboard the project as a co-showrunner, working alongside Brubaker as the screenwriter. Other than Emilia Clarke, the cast of the show also features quite a few impressive names.

    As per reports, Charlie Hunnam, Richard Jenkins, John Hawkes, Adria Arjona and Logan Browning will also be part of the series. Other names include Kadeem Hardison, Pat Healy, Taylor Sele, Gus Halper, Aliyah Camacho, Michael Mando, Marvin Jones III, Michael Xavier and Dominic Burgess.

    The show is currently under works, and not much else has been revealed about the adaptation of ‘Criminal’ yet. 

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