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    ‘Game Of Thrones’: In Which Season And Episode Is The Red Wedding?

    Game of Thrones‘ is easily one of the biggest shows to ever be produced on television. The fantasy drama bridged the gap between TV and films with its massive and high-quality production value. Its prequel, ‘House of the Dragon‘ has also been well received by critics and audiences.

    The latest episode of the prequel show titled ‘We Light The Way‘ reminded a lot of people of ‘The Red Wedding‘ episode. It is often considered to be one of the most shocking episodes of the entire show. So let’s find out which season and episode did the famous episode take place.

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    Why Did The Red Wedding Happen In ‘Game Of Thrones’?

    Caitlyn Stark
    Caitlyn Stark

    The Red Wedding‘ is one of the bloodiest and most shocking episodes in ‘Game of Thrones.’ It took place during the War of the Five Kings and was arranged by Lord Walder Frey.

    The wedding was also orchestrated by Roose Bolton and Tywin Lannister. After Robb married Talisa, the Freys abandoned him as he had promised to marry one of Frey’s daughters.

    The Ironborn had now taken the North and Robb wanted to march up and claim it back. To conquer that, he needed the help of the Frey. It was agreed that his uncle Edmure will marry Roslin Frey to make amends.

    However, Walder felt humiliated and angry that Robb married someone else, a girl from an impoverished Lannister bannerman’s House. He holds this against the Starks and lures them with a false sense of security.

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    Who Killed The Starks In Red Wedding?

    Robb and Talisa
    Robb and Talisa

    The red wedding is shown in the ninth and penultimate episode of the third season of ‘Game of Thrones’. It came as a shock, especially for viewers who had not read the books.

    Tywin Lannister had arranged the wedding, while Walder Frey oversaw the entire massacre. Roose Bolton killed the injured Robb Stark with a dagger thrust to his heart.

    “Lame” Lothar Frey, stabbed the pregnant Queen Talisa Stark to death. He attacked her womb multiple times. Catelyn Stark was killed by “Black” Walder Rivers, who slit her throat. Before dying, Lady Stark was able to slit Lady Joyeuse Frey’s throat.

    Their dire wolves were killed by Malcolm and Talbot. Arya Stark took revenge for the red wedding by killing the participants later on.

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