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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: Why Jacaerys Targaryen Wants To Be Like Daemon Not Rhaenyra While Avenging His Brother Lucerys

    The Dance of the Dragons has begun, and the weight of war hangs heavy over Dragonstone in House of the Dragon. Grief and fury simmer within Rhaenyra‘s camp, particularly for young Prince Jacaerys Velaryon.  

    Following the brutal death of his brother Lucerys at the hands of Aemond Targaryen, Jacaerys finds himself on a path of vengeance. However, the role model he chooses might surprise you. 

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    Lucerys’ Death Pushed Jacerys To Find A New Identity And Crave Power Like Daemon

    Jacerys and Rhaenyra Targaryen
    Jacerys and Rhaenyra Targaryen

    Jace, as he’s called by his family, has always been the dutiful son. Responsible and diplomatic, he diligently prepares for his future as king, mirroring his mother Rhaenyra’s measured approach. However, Lucerys’ death ignites a new fire within him. Gone is the cautious prince. A burning desire for justice takes hold. This is where his uncle, Daemon Targaryen, enters the picture.

    Daemon has always been a controversial figure. A skilled warrior with a ruthless streak, he embodies the Targaryen fire and blood motto a little too literally for some. Yet, in Jace’s eyes, Daemon represents a strength and decisiveness Rhaenyra seems to lack at this moment. Jace craves the raw power and fierce determination Daemon possesses to crush their enemies. 

    Harry Collett, who plays Jace in ‘House of the Dragon‘, explained his character’s renewed personality in the second reason to CBR. He said, “Anger and revenge can bring a different person out of somebody. It definitely does with Jace. This season, we see Jace go from a boy to a man.”

    This shift in Jacaerys isn’t just about vengeance. It’s a search for a new identity.  Throughout his life, whispers followed him and his brothers regarding their true parentage. Now, with war looming, Jace seeks to establish himself not just as Rhaenyra’s heir, but as a worthy Targaryen prince in his own right. Additionally, He sees the martial prowess and Targaryen ruthlessness Daemon embodies as a way to silence the doubters and prove his lineage.

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    Will Jacaerys Targaryen Embrace The Dragon Or Be Consumed By It?

    Jacaerys Targaryen
    Jacaerys Targaryen

    Let’s not forget, Jacaerys Targaryen is still a teenager. Grief can warp perspective, and the allure of a strong, decisive leader like Daemon can be intoxicating. Rhaenyra, burdened by the weight of leadership and the loss of her own son, might seem hesitant in Jace’s eyes. However, Daemon, on the other hand, thrives in the chaos.

    Jace’s admiration for Daemon is a fascinating wrinkle in the Targaryen conflict. Will he learn from his uncle’s ruthlessness or be consumed by it? Rhaenyra will undoubtedly try to guide him, but her own grief and the demands of war will make that difficult. Collett added, “After his brother’s death, Jace admires Daemon because of his rational decisions. Jace wants to be Daemon. When something bad happens, Daemon acts. Now that something bad has happened, Jace wants to act right away. Hopefully, he’s going to take into account all of Daemon’s characteristics. He’s trying to become Daemon more than he is Rhaenyra this season. It’s a shame, but it’s quite a cool change.

    Whether he becomes a wise and just king like his mother or a ruthless warrior like his uncle remains to be seen. 

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