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    Did Aegon II Die In ‘House of The Dragon’? Battle At Rook’s Rest Aftermath Explained

    The latest episode of ‘House Of The Dragon’ has everyone on the edge of their seats. With many great twists and turns in the season, fans have many questions pertaining to characters and their storylines.

    One of the major questions being asked right now is “Did Aegon die?” With this in mind, let’s look at the possibilities as we try and answer this question.

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    Did Aegon Die In ‘House Of The Dragon’?


    Season 2, Episode 4 of ‘House of the Dragon’ was an exciting and action-packed watch that left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Naturally, nevertheless, we have to deal with the most urgent question of whether King Aegon II Targaryen is really dead or not.

    During a glorious battle at the castle of Rook’s Rest, Criston Cole is seen leading an army of Greens to the minor castle just a stone’s throw away from Dragonstone, where Queen Rhaenyra has set up her war council. To deal with the army, Rhaenys Targaryen—who soars on the dragon Meleys—is sent by Rhaenyra; nevertheless, Rhaenys is flying into a trap. Attempting to entice one of Rhaenyra’s dragon riders, Criston Cole has one of his own in reserve: Aemond Targaryen, who soars on Vhagar, the largest and most ancient dragon still alive.

    In his drunken state, King Aegon II decided to take out Sunfyre for a joyride right into the middle of a war. He’s determined to prove that he’s just as fearsome a warrior as his brother.

    When Aemond spots Aegon and his mount flying overhead, he’s displeased to realize that his plan to ambush the Blacks on his dragon has been compromised.

    Meanwhile, over at Dragonstone, Princess Rhaenys is seen volunteering herself and her dragon to fight on behalf of the Blacks.

    There’s a brutal and aerial fight between all three dragons and their riders. When Aegon and Rhaenys’ dragons become imprisoned together, Vhagar (Aemond’s dragon) attacks them. Although Aegon and his beast seem to be defeated, their exact fate is still unknown. After escaping that encounter, Rhaenys and her mount enjoy a little tranquility before Aemond’s dragon appears out of the clouds to kill them.

    The last image of the episode is Criston Cole coming upon Sunfyre and Aegon in the forest. Sunfyre is alive — we can see him moving — but Aegon lies still. Is the king dead or merely knocked unconscious?

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    What Is King Aegon’s Fate In The Books?

    Still from 'House of the Dragon'
    Still from ‘House of the Dragon’

    Based on George R.R. Martin’s book ‘Fire & Blood‘, ‘House Of The Dragon‘ is seen often taking its own route while storytelling through the screen. Although the book and the movie both depict the Battle of Rook’s Rest in nearly identical ways, the main distinction is that while Aegon was always meant to be present on the page, he shows up because of an impetuous last-minute decision on his side.

    In the book, Aegon does not pass away until the age of 24. This occurs subsequent to Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake, imploring Aegon to cede his throne and step down in favor of Aegon III, Aegon’s nephew, and Rhaenyra’s son. (Aegon feeds Rhenyra to his dragon at this point in the novel; she has now died.) Because of Aegon’s disinterest in doing such a thing, Allies of Aegon are quietly killed in King’s Landing, though the court keeps about their business.

    Next thing we know, Aegon, just after enjoying a glass of wine in his carriage, is discovered inside it dead “upon his cushions.”

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