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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: How Does Ser Criston Cole Die? 

    Ser Criston Cole, a pivotal character in George R.R. Martin‘s ‘Fire & Blood’, and its screen adaptation ‘House Of The Dragon’, doesn’t have too many fans. He meets a gruesome end during the Dance of the Dragons. As the Hand of the King, Criston’s actions lead to the downfall of the Greens.

    His erratic decisions and willingness to go to war leads to his death. He himself brings about his own end, and his fate is meant to be a lesson to the Greens. Here’s how the character dies and what it entails for the show’s narrative.

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    Criston Cole’s Actions Seal His Fate

    Ser Criston Cole in 'House Of The Dragon'
    Ser Criston Cole in ‘House Of The Dragon’

    Criston Cole’s death on ‘House of the Dragon‘ is a culmination of his own actions. He leads 4,000 men to Harrenhal to reclaim the castle. However, Daemon Targaryen‘s army has already marched west to fight Jason Lannister and his bannermen supporting the Greens

    Criston’s provisions dwindled rapidly due to the burned earth tactic employed by the Blacks, making it difficult for him to resupply. Moreover, despite his efforts to negotiate a surrender, Criston is met with refusal. In a last-ditch effort, he suggests taking on his opponents in single combat, but this too is denied.

    Robb Rivers and two other bowmen, under Pate’s orders, fatally strike Criston with three arrows — one in the stomach, one in the neck, and one in the chest. His head is then decapitated and mounted on a spear, brought to the First Battle of Tumbleton as a spectacle. 

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    Why Do Most ‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Dislike Criston Cole?

    Rhaenyra and Criston Cole
    Rhaenyra and Criston Cole

    Criston Cole’s character has garnered significant disdain from ‘House of the Dragon‘ fans. This is mostly because of his actions after Rhaenyra turns down his advances and tells him to run away with her. The decision is chiefly what makes him an unlikeable character. 

    Moreover, the part he played in ‘Dance of the Dragons’ and his allegiance to the Greens make him one of the most despised characters in the series. People have even looked forward to his death as if it’s the most desirable moment on the show.

    Even the actor who portrays Criston Cole, Fabien Frankel, has decreased his activity on Instagram, limiting the comments section because of numerous threats, which proves how much the character is hated.

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