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    “It Was Very Much Intentional”: ‘House Of The Dragon’ Star Ewan Mitchell Unravels His Character Aemond’s Mindset In Episode 4’s Bloody Battle

    House of the Dragon‘s latest episode has enthralled viewers with the intricacies of a rather atypical character with some dramatic twists in the story. The latest episode brought Aemond Targaryen, played by Ewan Mitchell, into the spotlight. The episode’s climax focused on Aemond’s questionable intentions and inner turmoil has left fans buzzing.

    Aemond’s command to his dragon Vhagar to unleash “dracarys” was given when both his enemy Rhaenys and Aemond’s brother Aegon were in the dragon’s path. After the fiery chaos, Ser Criston Cole found Aemond standing over his unconscious brother, Aegon. This has raised speculations over what Aemond intended with the attack, and Ewan Mitchell, who plays Aemond, has given the answers.

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    Aemond’s Actions Spark Speculation in Latest ‘House of the Dragon’ Episode

    Still from 'House of the Dagon'
    Still from ‘House of the Dagon’

    Speaking to TV Line, Ewan Mitchell shed light on the pivotal moment from the last episode that has left many fans confused about his character’s intentions. “What you see at the end of Episode 4 was very much intentional. He’s very composed in that moment, and he’s very assured with what he did,” Mitchell said, although hinting that Aemond may not have intended to harm Aegon. He suggests that it was perhaps “just collateral.”

    Maybe he didn’t intentionally burn Aegon in that moment, or he didn’t plan to, because Rhaenys was always there,” he said of the puzzling attack. Reflecting on Aemond’s evolution, Mitchell noted the difference in Aemond’s demeanor after the deaths of Lucerys and Rhaenys. After Lucerys’ death, Aemond appeared stricken, but the latest episode shows him as self-assured and even proud. The expression further intensifies the confusion among the viewers.

    The first time he does it, it was a mistake. He let the emotions get the better of him. What you see at the end of Episode 4, it makes me think that Otto Hightower’s words rang true at the beginning of Season 2, you know? ‘You must get a grip on your emotions, Aemond’. And maybe he did, a little bit,” Mitchell said.

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    Ewan Mitchell Explains The Deep Seated Insecurities Of His Character Aemond Targaryen

    Still from 'House of the Dagon'
    Still from ‘House of the Dagon’

    Ewan Mitchell also discussed how Aemond’s strategic mind is becoming more apparent this season. “Aemond is that character who you don’t know what he is thinking. He could be looking at someone, thinking about how he wants to cook them a nice meal and take them on a date. Or he could be looking at them, thinking about how he wants to cook them and take Vhagar on a date,” he explained.

    As the series progresses, viewers can see Aemond operating from the shadows, maintaining an air of unpredictability. “So much of those first four episodes of Season 2, he almost operates from the peripheries. No one really knows where he is—even the viewers,” Mitchell explained.

    Speaking about Aemond’s feelings towards Rhaenys’ death, Mitchell suggested that any remorse is deeply buried. “In Aemond’s world, love is weakness, and passion is weakness,” he said, highlighting Aemond’s tough exterior born because of past insecurities.

    With the layered character he plays in the show, Mitchell has certainly given fans reasons to be excited and look forward to the upcoming episodes of ‘the show ‘House of the Dragon‘ for some more twisted progress in Aemond’s character arc.

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