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    “Powerful, Emotional, Gut-wrenching, Heart-Rending”: George R.R. Martin Raves About ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 And The Targaryen Narrative

    The creator of ‘Game of Thrones‘, George R.R. Martin, has had an exclusive look at House of the Dragons second season. The episodes, in his words, are “powerful, emotional, gut-wrenching, heart-rending,” and they may even make you cry.

    Martin is particularly excited about the darker tone of the new season. He shared, “I thought both episodes were just great… Dark, mind you. Very dark. They may make you cry.

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    ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Is Just the Sort of Thing George R.R. Martin Likes

    Martin was quite satisfied with the show’s direction after seeing the sneak screening. “Powerful, emotional, gut-wrenching, heart-rending. Just the sort of thing I like,” he said. Given Martin’s well-known preference for tragedy, ‘House of the Dragon‘ looks to be continuing to provide the gripping drama we’ve grown to love from his writings. The upcoming series aims to delve deeply into the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war, which is expected to be even more spectacular and terrible than the first ‘Game of Thrones.’

    The showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik were also praised highly by Martin, who said, “Ryan and Miguel have done an amazing job.” It’s obvious that Martin thinks capable hands will continue the Targaryen narrative.

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    The Writers’ Strike Won’t Stop This Dragon

    House of Dragon
    House of Dragon

    The production of ‘House of the Dragon’ is proceeding without any problems in spite of the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. There is no need to be concerned about delays, as Martin confirmed that all of the scripts were finished prior to the start of the strike. He explained, “All of the scripts had been finished months before the WGA strike.” “The actors are members of the British union, Equity, not SAG-AFTRA,” Martin noted, allowing production to continue uninterrupted.

    Martin didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts about the strike, calling it “the most important” of his lifetime. He emphasized that the strike aims to support entry-level writers and others striving to make a name for themselves in the industry. “We’re striking for the entry-level writers, the story editors, the students hoping to break in,” he said. It’s a critical moment for the industry, and Martin’s support for the cause shows his commitment to the future of storytelling.

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