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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Season 2 Episode 2

    The second season of House Of The Dragonis finally here. And a new episode has also been released. And if you have watched either the show or ‘Game Of Thrones’ then you might be aware of the easter eggs that are scattered in every episode. Today we will discuss 10 such easter eggs you might have missed.

    Before we start, we must warn you that this article is full of spoilers. So do avoid reading it if you haven’t watched the latest episode yet. The second episode saw the fight between the Cargyll brothers and the mayhem that followed young Jaehaerys’ death. 

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    10. Aegon Destroying Viserys’ Model Of Valeria

    Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen

    Episode 2 opens with the discovery of Jaehaerys’ death. And an angry Aegon is seen smashing his father Viserys’ Model Of Valeria. This scene is a subtle hint to the stark difference between Viserys and Aegon’s personalities while also hinting that Valeria has broken out in war. Viserys got time to make his beloved model only because of the peace that prevailed on the land. However, Aegon breaking it symbolizes the war that he is ready to fight. Viserys on the other hand always wanted to keep the peace and calm intact in Valeria.

    9. Alicent Wearing A Seven Pointed Star Necklace 


    The seven pointed star necklace is a symbol of the Hightowers. In the previous episode, Alicent and Ser Criston Cole were seen getting hot and steamy in the bedroom. But Alicent clearly feels regret and shame about her actions after Jaehaerys’ death. Thus she is seen wearing the seven pointed star necklace as a sort of redemption for her actions. She is even seen saying that the Gods are punishing them. So the necklace signifies Alicent’s guilt and shame. 

    8. Hanging The Rat Catchers

    Hanging the rat catchers
    Hanging the rat catchers

    Aegon, being angry after his son’s death, takes a rash and cruel decision to hang all the rat catchers. Now, this signifies that he is a very different ruler from his father. Aegon is not a stable king as he does not even consider what his actions will mean. 

    Hanging all the rat catchers also signifies that henceforth only cats were used to catch the rats. So in ‘Game Of Thrones’ we see Arya has to catch a cat in her training. This is also a hint to all the cats we have seen in the sequel series already. Aegon killing the rat catchers also sets off the wheel of consequences for the ordinary people. Afterall in any war, it is first them who suffer the most. 

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    7. Rhaenyra’s Presence In The Red Keep 

    Rhaenyra's chambers
    Rhaenyra’s chambers

    After Jaehaerys’ death, it is sure that the Red Keep is not safe anymore. None on team Green feel safe in there anymore after Daemon’s forces infiltrate the castle. However, one scene shows that Alicent has changed rooms. She no longer resides in the Queen’s chambers; rather she stays in Rhaenyra’s room. The set designers also said that they made very small changes in the set design so that Rhaenyra’s presence is still felt at Red Keep. In the second season, Criston Cole stands outside the same doors as he did in season one. This scene gave a subtle nod to season one when Cole slept with Rhaenyra. He committed the same act with Alicent again in the same room. 

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    6. Jaehaerys’ Death March

    Jaehaerys' death march
    Jaehaerys’ death march

    Otto Hightower never fails to use any situation politically. Jaehaerys’ death does not go wasted either. The child does not get rest even in death as his body is used to make a political statement. The scene of the march with Jaehaerys’ body follows the same path as that of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cersei. When Cersei was forced to take the walk of shame by the Church for her crimes, she follows the route which is also followed by Jaehaerys’ body in this scene. 

    5. Rhaenyra and Daemon’s Fight

    House of Dragons
    Daemon and Rhaenyra

    Things are not looking up at Dragonstone either. Daemon stayed silent when everyone questioned who might have caused Jaehaerys’ death. Later when Rhaenyra finds out it was him, a fight breaks out between them. The fight is a clear hint to Daemon still trying to control Rhaenyra as he did during her childhood. 

    Rhaenyra also hints at it by saying, “But now I have seen your heart belongs only to you. And when I was a child, I took this as a challenge. But now I have challenges of my own….” This shows that Rhaenyra has grown up into an independent woman with her own views. So Daemon cannot manipulate her anymore. 

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    4. Rhaenyra Playing With Her Children 

    Rhaenyra with her children
    Rhaenyra with her children

    In this scene, Rhaenyra is seen playing with her children at Dragonstone. The scene is a nod to Helaena playing with her children in episode one. Both of them lost a child. The similarities in the scenes are many. Even the children’s toys are similar. So this scene signifies that this war is a woman’s war trying to protect their children which the men have made more complicated. 

    3. Alicent And Cersei Parallels

    Cersei's walk of shame
    Cersei’s walk of shame

    In ‘Game Of Thrones’, Cersei was made to repent for her actions by walking the streets naked. While that was a very traumatic incident for her, Alicent also has similar feelings. She considers Jaehaerys’ death to be a punishment to her for her actions. Alicent is seen stripping down before a bath. This is a nod to Cersei being stripped naked for her walk of shame. Only difference is that Alicent gets the peace and seclusion of her own bath to do so while Cersei was seen by millions. 

    2. The Hightowers And The Targaryen Family 

    Alicent and Otto Hightower
    Alicent and Otto Hightower

    It is very much clear that both the Hightowers and the Targaryens are not at all good parents. The whole point of the war started because of this. But Rhaenyra did receive the love of her father Viserys while Alicent lacked it severely. It is seen even now. 

    Even after setting everything aside and doing her father’s bidding, Otto does not find the right words of comfort for Alicent. He fails to comfort her. And in turn, Alicent fails to comfort her sons and daughter. However, Rhaenyra on the other hand comforts Jacaerys after the death of his brother. This is a stark contrast in their roles as mothers. 

    1. Helaena And Daenerys Parallels

    House of Dragons season 2 episode 2
    Alicent and Helaena

    After Otto Hightower sends off the procession with Jaehaerys’ body, Alicent and Helaena are sent to accompany. This is even more traumatic for her. She is not given a single moment to grief before launching her into the political madness. 

    While on the march, Helaena gets distracted by the flowers and the sky. This scene is pretty similar to Daenerys’ scene in ‘Game Of Thrones’. Daenerys saw similar ashes in season 2 of the show. This confirms that Helaena Targaryen is a Dragon Dreamer. So it could be that she saw much further into the future and even saw the destruction of King’s Landing in ‘Game Of Thrones’.

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