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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: How Ser Arryk And Erryk’s Story Is Different In The Book?

    Another week and another exciting episode! ‘House of The Dragon’ is back with another episode of season 2. We must warn, this article has major spoilers for season 2 episode 2. After episode one, it is clear that war has broken out between the Blacks and the Greens. This is the direct consequence of young Prince Jaehaerys’ death in episode one. 

    Episode two of ‘House Of The Dragon‘ saw the deaths of two more characters in the show which have left fans pretty sad. As these two characters were likely the least evil and least problematic of all. Episode 2 saw the fight of the Cargyll brothers, one important part of the books. However, the series made some important changes in the scene. 

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    Arryk And Erryk Cargyll’s Fight In ‘House Of The Dragon’ Series

    Criston Cole with Arryk
    Criston Cole with Arryk

    Yet another disaster that could have been averted if Ser Criston Cole did not use his brains too much. After Jaehaerys’ murder, Cole orders Ser Arryk Cargyll to kill Rhaenyra at Dragonstone. Although Arryk points out that it is a bad idea, he proceeds to follow it.

    Once Arryk travels to Dragonstone, he has to pose as Erryk, his twin brother, who is on Rhaenyra’s Queen’s Guard. However, he is caught quickly by Mysaria. Arryk is successful in entering Rhaenyra’s room and is ready to finish the task when Erryk walks in. What follows is a nasty but quick sword fight in front of Rhaenyra. Before they could stop the fight, the brothers hug each other as Arryk dies in Erryk’s arms. And Erryk plunges the sword in his stomach after asking for Rhaenyra’s forgiveness. 

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    How Does The Show’s Arc Differ From The Book? 

    House of Dragons season 2 episode 2
    ‘House of the Dragon’ season 2 episode 2

    In the books, the Dance of the Dragons has been narrated by an historian. So details are much hazier. The beginning remains the same. Ser Criston Cole orders Arryk to go to Dragonstone. The exact words have also been adapted in the series. Cole says, “We will pay the princess back in her own bloody coin.

    However, things change once Arryk arrives at Dragonstone. In the series, the order is clear- to kill Rhaenyra. But in the books, some historians say it was to kill her while others claim it was to murder her sons. The fight scene matches in some aspects. The book says the brothers said they loved each other before drawing their blades and fought for one hour in front of on-lookers. Historian Gyldalyn’s version somewhat matches the series. The brothers died in each other’s arms with tears down their cheeks.

    However, historian Mushroom has a more salacious narration. Erryk supposedly deals a mortal blow to Arryk who then drives his knife in his stomach. Arryk dies quickly but Erryk stays alive and fights for his life for four days. He would curse his brother all this time having denounced him earlier. 

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