In Which ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode Does Jake Propose To Amy?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘ crafted some other heart-warming relationships, from Captain Holt and Kevin to Charles And Genevieve. But the relationship that turns from hate to love is what the viewers dig for. Dan Goor did a pretty good job nurturing Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta’s relationship since season one. The fans instantly shipped them because of their constant bickering and divergent personalities.

Since the start, the recurring jokes about Amy like “title of your sex tape” to the duo’s competitive bets, made us fall for them even more. While we constantly shipped the couple, the show writers teased the fans for quite a long time with the ‘will they won’t they’ relationship. Finally, in season three, the tension reduced, when the duo started dating. Sitcoms are known for their proposals – from Monica proposing Chandler to Michael proposing Holly had us all in tears. Meanwhile Jake and Amy’s proposal was in sync with their personalities – competitive and funny.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: How Did Jake Propose Amy?

The annual Halloween heist is a ritual at the nine-nine precinct. And what would be a better proposal set-up if not in the middle of the heist? The detectives at the precinct take their Halloween heist very seriously and go to extreme lengths to win it – like feeding Terry the GPS tracker. But Halloween is like no other episode since Jake plans to propose to Amy. The detectives divide themselves into four teams – Amy, Jake, Captain Holt, and The Tramps- Charles, Terry, and Roza. But while everyone is blaming each other, Jake reveals just how important this heist is. Well, now we know why.

Throughout the episode, Amy keeps saying she is one step ahead of Jake and it is boring. But it turns out Jake was always a step ahead of her since he had a lot of time in prison planning the heist. Just when Amy thought she found the cummerbund in the locker room, which read, “Amy Santiago will you marry me“, Jake is on his knees with a ring. From their first kiss, the proposal, their marriage, and Amy delivering Mac, the couple’s significant moments all happened at the nine-nine precinct.

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What Happened In The Finale Episode?

After eight successful seasons, Jake uncovers a triple cross yet again, cringes when Boyle drops another unintentional innuendo and laughs when Holt robotically delivers the newest slang term. As it turns out Jake Peralta is leaving the precinct, but in the nine-nine style- with a heist. With Holt and Amy moving on with their new job and Roza leaving the precinct, it made sense if the showrunners wrap up the show.

The detectives fight to give each other the perfect goodbye when Jake revealed he is planning to leave the NYPD to become a full-time dad. Well, Schmidt, from New Girl‘ started this trend, before ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘ would follow it. It’s a character decision that has been foreshadowed by Jake and Amy’s struggles with finding time to parent, but the finale goes a step further in making this moment feel earned. Jake reminds viewers of his own absentee father and the fact that his whole arrested-development persona is mostly a product of his daddy issues. The finale of the series ended with the perfect character growth of Jake Peralta.

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