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    “I’m Excited And I’d Love To Get To Wrap Up The Story”: Miranda Cosgrove Teases ‘iCarly’ Movie After Show’s Cancelation

    The highly anticipated reboot of ‘iCarly’ was canceled after three seasons. This left fans disappointed because the series ended on a major cliffhanger. After the Paramount+ revival got cancelled in October, the show’s lead Miranda Cosgrove has given exciting news to the fans. 

    The ending of season 3 of the revival was canceled but it ended with two massive cliffhangers. Carly and Freddie are ready to tie the knot. But not only that, a new guest has appeared and that is none other than Carly and Spencer’s estranged mother. So it is fair that the fans should get a proper ending addressing these cliffhangers. 

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    Miranda Cosgrove Has Hopes For An ‘iCarly’ Movie

    Miranda Cosgrove in iCarly
    Miranda Cosgrove in ‘iCarly’

    iCarly’ still has a special place in our hearts. And so does Miranda Cosgrove’s Carly Shay. In a recent interview with Variety, she revealed that the cast will reunite for a movie to tie up loose ends. “I’m excited, and I’d love to get to wrap up the story,” she said. 

    Previously, Cosgrove had said the same thing on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show‘. Although there are no official comments about a movie, Cosgrove seems confident of one. The 31-year-old actress said that “there’s a good chance” fans will get the wrap-up movie for which they’ve been clamoring.

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    About ‘iCarly’ Reboot


    Released on 17 June 2021, the reboot of ‘iCarly’ focuses on the characters nine years after the previous series. The teens have all grown up into adults. Carly Shay has returned to Seattle. She lives with her roommate Harper now. Her brother, Spencer has become a wealthy artist after accidentally creating a renowned sculpture.

    As for Freddie, he has faced two divorces and a failed tech start-up. Having given up, he’s back with his mother. But Freddie has new responsibilities as he has adopted 11-year-old stepdaughter Millicent. As the characters meet again in Bushwell Plaza, old memories come back. Carly decides to relaunch her ‘iCarly‘ web show but must keep up with modern times. 

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