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    ‘Only Murders In The Building’: Who Killed Bunny Folger And Why?

    Bunny Folger’s murder was the big mystery that kicked off Season 2 of the hit Hulu mystery-comedy series ‘Only Murders In The Building‘. The wealthy and eccentric Arconia resident, Bunny Folger, was discovered dead in Mabel’s apartment, stabbed with one of Mabel’s knitting needles. And to make matters worse, our favorite trio of true crime podcasters – Charles, Mabel, and Oliver – were framed as the prime suspects.

    As they tried to clear their names and find the real killer, they encountered a bunch of suspicious characters who could have had a motive to kill Bunny. The suspect pool ranged from a crooked cop to a crazy cat lady to a con artist to a rival podcaster. But who really did it? Who stabbed Bunny in the heart and why? Here’s the scoop on who killed Bunny and how the trio solved the case.

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    Who Murdered Bunny On ‘Only Murders In The Building’?

    Bunny Folger

    The season 2 finale finally revealed the identity of Bunny Folger’s killer. The tenth episode, titled “I Know Who Did It”, showed how the trio of amateur sleuths and podcasters – Charles, Mabel, and Oliver – finally cracked the case and exposed the murderer. And it turned out to be someone they least expected: Cinda Canning’s assistant, Poppy, who was actually a missing person from Oklahoma named Becky Butler. The ninth episode revealed that Becky had faked her own disappearance and moved to New York to work for Cinda, a famous true crime podcaster who falsely solved her case.

    In the finale, the trio managed to trap Becky and make her confess her crimes on tape with the help of an elaborate scheme. Becky had a twisted obsession with Cinda and wanted to impress her with a podcast idea about Rose Cooper, a mysterious artist who had vanished along with her painting. But when Cinda rejected her idea, Becky snapped and killed Bunny, hoping to create a sensational story for Cinda to cover. She also framed Charles, Mabel, and Oliver for the murder, knowing that they were investigating Bunny’s death for their own podcast.

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    How Did Becky Kill Bunny?

    Becky Butler

    The season 2 finale also answers the question of how Becky killed Bunny. She stabbed Bunny with Mabel’s knitting needle and Oliver’s kitchen knife, then texted the trio to get them out of the building and planted the weapons in Charles’ apartment. She framed them for the murder and ran away through a secret tunnel, but not before bumping into Lucy, who helped her cover her tracks.

    She also got Detective Kreps on her side and kept messing with the trio’s investigation. But when the trio lured Poppy to The Pickle Diner to grill Cinda, they figured out that Bunny had spilled the beans to Mabel before she died. Mabel remembered that Bunny’s last words were about the sandwich that Poppy always ordered at the diner.

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