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    Is ‘Love And Death’ Based On A Real Story? Where Is The Real Candy Montgomery Now?

    It started as an affair to satisfy carnal desires, but feelings got in the mix. Such is the story of Love And Deathstarring Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery. She brutally murdered her best friend, Betty Gore (Betty Gilpin), on June 13, 1980. Montgomery, a social butterfly actively involved in all social events, showed an insidious side to her gentle suburban demeanor.

    This incident shook Wylie to the core, with a public trial of national interest. Despite admitting to the murder, Candy Montgomery got away scot-free. People were shocked and expressed their outrage towards the mockery of law and order. She was innocent in the eyes of the law. But in the public eye, she was guilty of not only murder but also adultery. ‘Love And Death’ is based on a true story that still horrifies us. More intrigue aboard!

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    ‘Love And Death’ Is Based On A Chilling True Story

    'Love And Death' is based on the story of Candy Montgomery (left) killing her best friend Betty (right) in a crime of passion
    ‘Love And Death’ is based on the story of Candy Montgomery (left) killing her best friend Betty (right) in a crime of passion

    Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy Montgomery, who moves to Wylie, Texas, in 1977 with her husband Pat. They started attending the First United Methodist Church of Lucas. The Montgomery family met the Gores, Allan, and Betty during their many visits. Soon, a friendship developed between Candy and Betty. It is believed that Candy approached Allan in 1978 to confess her attraction to him and suggest an affair.

    Nothing came of it initially, but eventually, Allan gave in to the temptation. They agreed to proceed on the condition that entanglement didn’t become romantic at any point. They met at the Continental Inn and had sex on December 12, 1978. Candy and Allan kept at it until Allan decided to wise up and call it quits after the birth of his second child. But Candy wasn’t having any of it.

    On June 13, 1980, Allan was away on a business trip and called home to check on his family. When multiple rings yielded no response, he asked his neighbors to go around the house. They would find her murdered body, with the baby daughter Bethany awake and crying in her crib. The investigation soon pointed to Candy after Allan told the police of their affair.

    Candy admitted to the crime, claiming self-defense. She told the authorities she was confronted by Betty Gore about the affair, attacking her with an axe. Their argument escalated to the point where she knocked Betty 41 times with the axe.

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    Where Is Candy Montgomery Now?

    Candy Montgomery now works as a mental health worker
    Candy Montgomery now works as a mental health worker

    Despite the confession, the jury let her go, a decision that caused a major uproar in society. Thanks to her lawyer Don Crowder, she got no jail time. As she exited the steps of the courtroom, the crowds chanted, “Murderer! Murderer!” After losing their status as upstanding citizens and neighbors, Candy and Pat were forced to leave Texas.

    The couple relocated to Georgia. But after staying together for four years, the strain of the trial proved to be too much. Since the divorce, Candy is said to have taken her maiden name, Wheeler. The same woman who got too comfortable with an axe now works as a mental health worker. Needless to say, Candy Wheeler wants to leave her past behind and make the most of her remaining years.

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