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    Why Did Sarah Boone Trap Her Boyfriend In A Suitcase Which Led To His Death?

    In a 2020 news case in Florida, a woman had trapped her boyfriend in a suitcase, leading to his death. Sarah Boone and Jorge Torres Jr. were a couple, who was highly intoxicated the night of the incident.

    Jorge Torres was trapped in the suitcase for a whole night before he was found dead. So what is the story that led to this incident turning into a murder? Let’s find out.

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    What Did Sarah Boone Do To Jorge Torres Jr.?

    In January 2020, Sarah Boone was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. Sarah claimed that she and Torres were playing a game of hide and seek the night of the incident. As they were highly intoxicated, Torres got inside a suitcase to hide but was trapped by Sarah as she zipped up the bag.

    Being inside the closed suitcase for almost a whole night, Jorge Torres died of asphyxiation. His body was found by Sarah when she woke up the next morning. By the time she found him, Jorge was already dead. Sarah Boone was arrested following this, in January 2020. Three years later now, she is up for court trials again.

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    Why Did Sarah Trap Her Boyfriend Inside A Suitcase?

    As recorded in police statements, Sarah claimed that she was highly drunk and had no idea of the situation. She zipped up the bag but claimed that two fingers of Torres were out, so she thought he could come out himself. And she fell asleep, before waking up the next morning, as mentioned on CNN.

    As she woke up, she realized that Torres was still trapped in the suitcase. She immediately called 911, but he was dead by that time. However, videos on her phone reveal something else. In the videos, Torres could be heard crying to be let out saying that he couldn’t breathe. However, Sarah dismissed him by saying that he deserved it for all the things he did to her.

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