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    ‘Sex And The City’: Top 10 Iconic Samantha Jones Quotes

    Sex and the City’ is known for being one of the best shows that premiered on HBO and the response that the show received was completely unpredictable. It aired for six seasons and 94 episodes between 1998 and 2004, making single ladies feel good about their successes and even their failures, for friendship made everything easier.

    Although certain elements of the show were criticized, some characters became popular with time. This includes Samantha Jones, portrayed by Kim Cattrall, who is a businessman with a career in PR. The character was also given some of the best dialogues that were well-received by the public.

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    Best Samantha Jones Quotes On ‘Sex And The City’

    1. The Right Guy Is An Illusion. Start Living Your Lives

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones tells her friends that the perfect guy is a delusion

    In the first episode of the show, Samantha Jones set the tone of the show with her romantic conquests by reminding the women that searching for the perfect partner is delusional. Audiences are also reminded of the problems that are common in every individual.

    2. If I Was Worried What Every B*tch In New York Was Saying About Me, I’d Never Leave The House

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones does not care about what others say about her

    This was said in the sixth episode of Season 5 and it is common in the world where people have habituated themselves to social media. People should prefer any one option that includes looking at what others have been doing in their lives or simply remaining satisfied with what they are doing.

    3. You Know Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee A Happy Ending, Just An Ending

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones says that marriage cannot guarantee happiness

    This quote was a part of the 12th episode in the third season. It focuses on the fact that many people believe that marriage is an important part of their lives. Samantha explained to her friends that marriage cannot guarantee happiness for a lifetime and it is not wrong to get betrothed.

    4. You Can’t Listen To Every F*cking Little Voice That Runs Through Your Head. It’ll Drive You Nuts

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones tells to ignore a few things that comes to the mind

    In the second season of the show, Samantha Jones’ opinion towards handling self-doubt is direct where she tells the subconscious to leave her alone. The quote was said in the sixth episode of the season.

    5. I Am Fifty-F*cking-Two And I Will Rock This Dress

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones believes that she can do whatever she wants despite that she is 52

    Today’s world focuses a lot on feminism and the life choices of young girls and women are made by those who live around them. But the main premise of choice and autonomy is elusive and it is true for women who cross a specific age who are told to wear something based on how they look.

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    6. As You Know, I Have Always Loved My Body Just The Way It Is

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones has decided to accept the way she is

    Society loves to accept the women who accept to be like how they are but also criticize those who undergo surgery. However, Samantha Jones does not back off from getting breast augmentation, and her decision comes from a place of personal liberty and autonomy.

    7. A Guy Gets Angry In A Meeting, He’s A Pistol. A Woman, She’s Emotional

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones speaks out when Richard calls women emotional

    In the tenth episode of Season 4, Samantha does not go deep into her emotions and insistence to keep the aspects of her life casual. Her partnership with Richard’s company becomes impossible because of the latter’s opinion that women are very emotional. Samantha calls him out and addresses the double standards.

    8. I Love You, But I Love Me More

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones puts herself on top of her priority list

    In the third episode of Season 5, Samantha Jones decides to change her priorities and put herself on top before her problematic relationship with Richard. She realizes that her inability to trust her beau in their romance was detrimental to her mental well-being and happiness. She eventually ends everything with Richard.

    9. I Will Not Be Judged By You Or Society. I Will Wear Whatever And Blow Whomever I Want As Long As I Can Breathe – And Kneel

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones is proud of the choices she has made

    Samantha is the new publicist of Carrie Bradshaw and in the fourth episode of Season 5, she battles with the thought that her friend would think of putting a scandalous liaison without carrying much about decency. Overall, Jones is not ashamed of the choices she made and does not have any problem criticizing Carrie for her behavior.

    10. His Problem Is He’s An A**Hole

    Samantha Jones Sex and the City
    Samantha Jones has a justification for what she does

    Samantha Jones does not waste any time in mincing words while attempting to justify it. However, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda have done it every time and without that, there would not have been multiple seasons alongside movies and sequels.

    Now, Kim Catrall has made an appearance in ‘Sex And The City’ reboot ‘And Just Like That…‘, but she says she is quite done with it all.

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