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    ‘Sex Education’ Will Have A Big Surprise For Fans With The Last Episode Of Season Four

    The fan-favorite sex-ed class will be back with its quirky stories, interesting characters, and stellar cast for its last session! ‘Sex Education’ will premiere its fourth and last season in September 2023. The three seasons of the Netflix original were widely liked by the audience, with good storytelling, better character arcs, and one of the epitomes of the importance of representation.

    Just a recap: the story of ‘Sex Education’ follows the raging, horny teens who are exploring their sexual desires and sexuality. While doing so, they are being helped and guided by Asa Butterfield’s Ottis. In the third season, we get the news that the Moordale school will be shutting down due to the ‘Sex School’ taint and investors backing out. In the last season, students will explore and fit into the new schools that they will join for their last term. The fans will be treated to a surprise during the last episode of the fourth season.

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    The Finale Of ‘Sex Education Will Be 80 Minutes Long

    Ncuti Gatwa in a still from the fourth season of 'Sex Education'
    Ncuti Gatwa in a still from the fourth season of ‘Sex Education’

    It is the finale for the Moordale kids and the sex-ed lessons. As the kids shift to a new school for the new term, there will be new challenges and new liaisons for the children graduating high school. After the end of the curse of Headmistress Haddon, the fourth season will explore how the kids of Moordale graduate high school.

    Netflix has released the teasers for all the episodes of the new season of ‘Sex Education.’ The new season comprises eight episodes. Usually, the length of episodes falls between 42 and 55 minutes. However, this season, the length of the final episode will be 1 hour and 20 minutes. The creators may have something special to offer as the series bids us goodbye with the final season.

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    Ncuti Gatwa Says Playing Eric Helped Him To Undo Internalized Hate

    Ncuti Gatwa felt healed playing Eric in 'Sex Education'
    Ncuti Gatwa felt healed playing Eric in ‘Sex Education’

    One of the best things, among many, about ‘Sex Education’ is the representation of sexual orientations and gender identities across the spectrum. Asa Butterfield’s character’s best friend is Eric, played by Ncuti Gatwa. Eric is the black queer son of a migrant from Nigeria. He falls in love with the former headmaster’s son and his bully, Adam Groff. However, the complications in their relationship make them part ways.

    During an interview with Elle UK, Ncuti Gatwa said that ‘Sex Education’ helped him to undo a lot of internalized hate. He said, “I’ve experienced racism my whole life, and while I always believed in myself, always knew [racists] were stupid and uneducated, I guess it did misinform my view of how the world works.”

    In the interview, he credited the creator, Laurie Nunn, for “giving nuance to this gay, Black character and gifting him to the world.” He talked about the character, saying, “He’s so fierce and unashamed. It was healing for me, and great for people to see themselves represented. It taught me the importance of representation: it’s so powerful and necessary.”

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