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    “They’re Filling My Mouth With Throw Up”: Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About ‘Most Disgusting’ Hot Tub Puking Scene On ‘Euphoria’

    Before we knew Sydney Sweeney as Olivia Mossbacher from ‘The White Lotus‘, we knew her as Cassie, the wannabe-it girl but the stunningly complex character from ‘Euphoria. The show made Sweeney rise to fame, especially amongst the younger generation.

    Here, we recount one of the most challenging scenes Sydney remembers shooting during ‘Euphoria‘. She recalls the hot tub puking scene as being the grossest thing she ever experienced.

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    Behind The Scenes Of ‘Euphoria’ Hot Tub Shoot

    Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard
    Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard

    In a YouTube series The Hot Ones, Sydney Sweeney sat for an interview with the host, doing a Q&A session while enduring the tongue-numbing hot sauce. In the interview, she revealed how the hot tub scene in ‘Euphoria‘ was achieved by going above and beyond conventional means. She said the director Sam Levinson wasn’t satisfied with the usual gag scenes which are shot as the actor keeps a pseudo vomit made of milk, mashed food, and other bits in their mouth and just spitting it. She revealed, “(Levinson) just wanted vomit everywhere, so they had to get a pump,” she said.

    She added, “And they had this pipe that they just taped and hid on my body…and then they CGI’d it out. It went up my neck and there was a horse bit that I put in my mouth. So, during that scene, they’re filling my mouth with throw up and I opened my mouth and it just started shooting out. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced.” She also recalled the horse bit being very uncomfortable, she understood it was important for the scene but was still unsettled. She added, “You need the pump, it’s ins*ne too. But the horse bit, the horse bit, I was like ‘Why do we need the horse bit?’ It was huge.”

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    Sydney Sweeney’s Favorite Meme From ‘Euphoria’

    Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard
    Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard

    As hard as the shoots can be at times, Sydney really loved playing Cassie. In an interview with Variety, she revealed she saw Cassie as a very complex character who had her evilness at her fringes. She said, “There was a bit of Cassie that I got to play with when she started saying that she’s cr*zier than Maddy in a scene with Nate. And she kind of got a little more evil and dark and serious, and not so frantic. I would love to play with more of that streak within herself.”

    When asked what meme she was the most fond of from the series she said it was the ‘I have never been happier‘ one. In the meme, we find Cassie’s mask break and see how much of a mess she has gotten herself into.

    Euphoria‘ also stars Zendaya as Rue, Hunter Schafer as Jules, Jacob Elordi as Nate, Alexa Demie as Maddy, Algee Smith as Chris, Maude Apatow as Lexi, and Storm Reid as Gia, among others.

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