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    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Is Coach Ted Lasso Getting Fired From AFC Richmond?

    Since their defeat to Nate’s West Ham United, all wind in AFC Richmond’s sails is gone. Zava’s goal streak isn’t just doing it, and Richmond’s ship keeps sinking lower and lower. The players are talented, but as Ted Lasso puts it, they can’t get past the final hurdle. It’s him; he’s the hurdle. ‘Ted Lasso‘ episode ‘Signs‘ points out the obvious and hidden.

    Ted Lasso‘ continues to preach its belief in inner strength. Surface-level mantras can only take you so far. But as Richmond’s winning streak ends, can we see Lasso’s future at the club in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Rebecca’s faith in signs grows stronger with every passing moment. And Jack and Keeley mix business and pleasure.

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    ‘Ted Lasso’: Leslie and Rebecca Discuss Firing Ted Lasso

    Rebecca and Leslie discus the next best option for Richmond
    Rebecca and Leslie discus the next best option for Richmond

    Ahead of their fixture against Manchester City, Zava (Maximilian Osinski) is nowhere to be found. Richmond was forced to sub Zava with Colin (Billy Harris) and lost 4-0 to the Premiere League giants. Zava is finally found in a video message, saying he’s retiring from the sport to spend more time with his family and the avocado farm. 

    While Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) still thinks about possible motherhood, Leslie (Jeremy Swift) asks her if Ted’s time at the club is ending. Nothing personal; it’s just business. Ted’s upbeat Midwestern demeanor isn’t just bringing home the wins right now. Leslie’s suggestion of firing Ted is a necessary moment of practicality that might change how things are run at Richmond.

    Keeley (Juno Temple) starts to develop a footing with her boss, Jack (Jodi Balfour), who recommends she fire Shandy (Ambreen Razia). Always a wild card, she gives the show its best moment with an embarrassing and awkward call back to the ‘Jerry Maguire‘ scene. She doesn’t take to her firing well, leaving a stinking animal in the office. Keeley and Jack laugh about over, and as they talk about breakups over alcohol, intimacy is formed between them.

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    Jamie To Step Up In Zava’s Absence

    It is time for Jamie to step up with Zava gone
    It is time for Jamie to step up with Zava gone

    With his team losing and his son caught as a bully, Ted finally gives in to his anxiety. With a foot in both places, he’s being horrible at both. No thanks to the time zone; he keeps missing Henry. The show does a great job setting a  breadcrumb for chalking Ted’s departure. Despite giving the rousing speech in the end, we can see Ted’s heart is not in it.

    Whether they love him, Richmond, he’d instead raise his son. And maybe stop him from being a bully. ‘Ted Lasso’ also presents a new challenge for Jamie, who wants to better Zava. Now that the club is without his unpredictability, they can go back to training and tactics without being dependent on Zava. After moping about Zava’s first-team status, he will be reintegrated into the squad as the starting forward in the game.

    Rebecca consults her doctor, who reconfirms her pregnancy. On the edge of another panic attack, Ted channels his shame and guilt into a speech that might have been more for him and less for the team. With Leslie’s recommendation and Ted’s regret over abandoning his soon, the audience must brace themselves for an emotional farewell.

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