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    ‘The Boys’ Season 4: Who Voices Ambrosius The Octopus?

    The Boys‘ is relatively notorious for taking things over the top and adding absurdity to it. One of the most unexpected relationships in the new season of ‘The Boys‘ is between The Deep and his octopus companion.

    However, fans of the show maybe surprised to learn who provides the voice behind the octopus.

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    Who Is Ambrosius The Octopus?

    Tilda Swinton voices 'The Boys' octopus
    Tilda Swinton voices ‘The Boys’ octopus

    Ambrosius was introduced in the infamous season 3 episode ‘Herogasm’. While many characters engaged in Herogasm, The Deep bonded with the octopus at a nearby aquarium.

    Ever since, Ambrosius has taken up residence within a small tank in The Deep’s closet. She serves as one of his only confidants as he struggles to regain respect amongst The Seven. In season 4, their chats have continued and Ambrosius even asks to be moved to a larger home.

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    Chace Crawford’s Surprise On Who Voices Ambrosius

    The Deep's lover is Ambrosius
    The Deep’s lover is Ambrosius

    Chace Crawford, the actor behind The Deep, admitted he was shocked to find out that Tilda Swinton was voicing Ambrosius. In an interview with Happy Sad Confused, Crawford said showrunner Eric Kripke texted him about who it was but “I was like, He’s f**king with me, there’s no way“.

    Crawford didn’t discover that Swinton was voicing the octopus until after filming. He said talking to the renowned Oscar winner was “hilarious” but also confessed “I thought she was high or something when they told us“. Her casting added another layer of unexpected humor and tone to The Deep’s bizarre relationship with his aquatic companion.

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