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    “I’m Enjoying It”: ‘The Boys’ Actor Antony Starr Gushes Over His Character Homelander’s Comparison To Cristiano Ronaldo In Viral Memes

    Antony Starr instantly shot to heavy fame over the past few months with his iconic role as the Homelander in the Amazon Prime series ‘The Boys‘. While he still remains to be a fan favorite, he recently became the subject of an unexpected viral meme trend.

    Fans have started comparing his menacing character to soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, much to Starr’s surprise and amusement. The internet is abuzz with memes comparing pictures of the two striking similar poses and doing the same things. While the actor does not understand the underlying meaning of the trend, he contends he is enjoying it. Here’s whar Starr said about the viral meme.

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    ‘The Boys’ Star Antony Starr Is Loving Being Compared To Cristiano Ronaldo


    As ‘The Boys‘ is celebrating the success of its fourth season, Antony Starr’s portrayal of Homelander continues to receive high praise. However, amidst the accolades, a quirky social media trend has caught his eye. After a recent football match, fans began drawing parallels between Ronaldo’s intense on-field persona and Homelander’s similar demeanor on the show.

    The viral meme did not escape Starr’s eye as he took to Instagram Stories to share his reaction, captioning his post, “Don’t really get this but I’m enjoying it,” along with some of the fan-created memes.

    The comparison gained traction after Ronaldo’s performance in the UEFA Euro 2024 quarter-final against Slovenia. The 39-year-old soccer star failed to score crucial free kicks and penalties, despite his best efforts. His performance, however, prompted fans to liken his presence on the field to Homelander’s rule over The Seven. The internet quickly flooded with memes.

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    Homelander Fans Are Loving The Comparison Of Their Icon With Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    As Antony Starr also shared several of the memes comparing him with Ronaldo on his Instagram story, it is obvious that he enjoyed the creativity and humor that his fans created on social media. While the Homelander himself is enjoying the meme, his fans are no less.

    The internet was flooded with his fans re-sharing the memes and praising the ones who came up with the comparision.

    While Cristiano Ronaldo is currently focused on representing Portugal at UEFA Euro 2024, he likely didn’t expect to become part of ‘The Boys‘ universe, even in meme form. What’s important, however, is that the fans are enjoying it and so is their beloved superhero.

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