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    ‘The Boys’ Marketing Is Unmatched As Homelander Likens Himself To LeBron James And God

    The Boys is probably a series with everything including humor, thrill, and nudity, which is probably not meant for kids. With the release of season 4 of the series, the marketing team of the show is working equally hard to engage the audience with the show.

    Our very own Homelander is doing a question and answer on Reddit. He’s replying to the questions in his own sarcastic and humorous way. And during one of the interactions he mentioned about LeBron James. Here is the interaction.

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    Fans Are Asking Hilarious Questions From Homelander From ‘The Boys’ On Reddit

    The Boys

    The Boysmarketing team is not your usual team. They’re doing everything unmatched to promote season 4 of the series. Homelander, the main lead of the series is doing a question-answer round on Reddit and the questions incoming are not your usual type of questions. It feels like the fans have specially crafted such questions for Homelander.

    One of them asked him whether his son would take over the seven in the future. To which he replied, “Like LeBron James, I’m really excited about the prospect of playing on the same team as my son. But leading it? … God didn’t step down when he sent his son to Earth”.

    It feels like there’s a thing going on between ‘House Of Dragons‘ and ‘The Boys‘ team as earlier the maker of House Of the Dragons‘ mentioned that Vhagar is like the LeBron James of the dragons and now Homelander also mentioned LeBron.

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    Fans React To Crazy Replies Of Homelander

    Moreover a fan also asked about Todd. The question read, “Hello sir, my good friend Todd said he was going to meet you the other day. He’s one of the biggest Homelanders I know but nobody has seen him lately. Could you help us search for him? I just know if anybody could find him it’s you!

    To which Homelander replied: “Sorry to break it to you, but your buddy Todd was beaten to death by a godless mob of Starlighters. Back of his head just smashed right in. Brains leaking all over the sidewalk, real big mess. But he died doing what he loved – supporting me. That’s patriotism, right there. May the memory of his sacrifice never fade. RIP Todd”.

    And then he punned on America (the usual theme of ‘The Boys’). He wrote, “Folks, this is what America has become. A place where the “first amendment” is more important than the safety of patriotic men, women and children. Where’s the amendment that empowers heroes to cut down these animals in the street, like they deserve? Call your senators, people”.

    Fans are going crazy and bringing out-of-the-box questions for Homelander. And he on the other side is using his sarcasm and humor to match the energy. Here are a few fan interactions from Reddit.

    The Boys’ season 4 has already premiered on June 13 with 3 episodes as of now. The series shall have 8 episodes with lots of fun, humor, and thrill. Meanwhile, Homelander will keep you entertained with his Reddit answers.

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