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    Anthony Starr Says He Loves ‘The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke’s Choice Of Giving Homelander Similarities To People Like Donald Trump 

    The Boys, the popular Amazon Prime series based on the comic book of the same name, has captivated audiences with its dark, satirical take on superheroes. One of the most compelling characters is Homelander, the leader of The Seven.

    Interestingly, showrunner Eric Kripke intentionally crafted Homelander to share similarities with real-world figures, particularly Donald Trump. Anthony Starr, who portrays Homelander, claims he loves how Kripke integrated the character with the real world.

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    Anthony Starr Believes The Real World References Are Complementary To The Nature Of ‘The Boys’

    Anthony Starr as Homelander in The boys
    Anthony Starr as Homelander in The boys

    Anthony Starr, despite portraying a villain in ‘The Boys’, is beloved by the fanbase for his immaculate portrayal. However, there has been controversy surrounding the show regarding its real-world political references. While some people think that the show has gone too political, Starr does not relate.

    While talking to DiscussingFilm Anthony stated, “I don’t mind references to the real world, I think they’re really complimentary to the nature of the show.” He further claimed that the real-world references do not alter the character in the show making it a perfect fit.

    Eric Kripke’s choice to integrate Homelander with Trump-like qualities invites reflection. Whether in fiction or reality, understanding the allure of flawed leaders helps us navigate complex socio-political landscapes.

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    How Are Homelander And Donald Trump Similar? 

    Donald Trump and Anthony Starr as Homelander in The Boys
    Donald Trump and Anthony Starr as Homelander in ‘The Boys’

    Homelander, portrayed brilliantly by Antony Starr, embodies a complex mix of traits that mirror aspects of Trump’s personality. Both Homelander and Trump exhibit extreme narcissism and unbridled ambition. Homelander craves adoration and power, much like Trump did during his presidency. 

    Their hunger for attention and control drives their actions. Additionally, Homelander perceives himself as a victim, despite his immense privilege. Similarly, Trump often portrayed himself as an underdog fighting against the establishment. This victim mentality resonates with certain segments of the population.

    Moreover, both characters understand the importance of public perception. Homelander carefully managed his image, while Trump leveraged media and social platforms to shape his narrative. Their ability to manipulate public opinion is eerily similar.

    While ‘The Boys’ is fictional, it serves as a cautionary tale. Idolizing leaders with glaring flaws can have dire consequences. As we watch the show, let’s remember that the line between hero and villain isn’t always clear and neither is the line between fiction and reality.

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