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    “How Wrong Orange Julius Caesar Was”: Joe Biden, Barack Obama Rip Apart Donald Trump Together With Jimmy Kimmel And Other Stars

    As the Presidential elections loom closer, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are busy filling their war chests. US President Joe Biden, along with former president Barack Obama and many Hollywood stars took part in a Hollywood fundraiser to help raise money for the Democrats’ campaign. However, this turned out to be an event where Donald Trump was ripped apart. 

    Not only the Presidents, but Jill Biden also took a jab at Trump with some tough words. Hollywood stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel were some among the many big-shot celebrities that joined in. As the night progressed, Trump’s conviction became the hot topic of Saturday’s LA fundraiser. 

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    Jill Biden And Barack Obama Have Some Tough Words For Donald Trump 

    George Clooney, Joe Biden, Julia Roberts and Barack Obama
    George Clooney, Joe Biden, Julia Roberts and Barack Obama

    The Saturday fundraiser in LA saw both political and Hollywood stars take a jab at former President Donald Trump. While former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden took sharp digs at the Republican candidate Donald Trump, it was the first lady’s comments on him that surprised everyone.

    Chiming in with the world leaders, Jill Biden said, “The choice was between my husband, “who honors the rule of law instead of trying to bend it to his way,” and Trump, “who wakes up every morning caring about one person and one person only: himself.”

    She also highlighted Trump’s selfishness in wanting the President’s title for himself. “Mr Trump has told us again and again why he wants the White House — to give himself absolute power, to not be held accountable for his criminal action,” she said.

    As former President Barack Obama took the stage, he talked largely about Trump’s felony convictions. “We have the spectacle of the nominee of one of the two major parties sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts,” Obama said.

    You have his organization being prosecuted for not paying taxes. Set aside all the other stuff he says —” Joe Biden added, “He paid none.”

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    Many Hollywood Stars Also Attended The Event

    Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Biden and Barack Obama at the event
    Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Biden and Barack Obama at the event

    The Los Angeles event was filled with Hollywood stars from George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel and many more. The talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel is rather popular for a beef with Donald Trump, and he did not hold his horses this time either.

    Before introducing the two presidents, he showed a video of Trump predicting that if he was not elected in 2020, major holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas would end. “Is it satisfying to see that video to see how wrong Orange Julius Caesar was about your presidency?” Kimmel asked Biden after the video.

    He further mocked the former President with jibes at several factors of his life. “You did say you were fighting to restore the soul of America, and lately it does seem like we might need an exorcism,” Kimmel said, addressing Trump.

    Turning to Biden, Kimmel asked, “Is that why you visited the pope?” Joe Biden chuckled softly saying, “Uh,Yeah.” Jimmy Kimmel also mentioned the repeal of Roe that Trump-appointed justices on the Supreme Court helped orchestrate.

    He also took to Instagram just before the show to post a photo of himself with Joe Biden and Barack Obama on Instagram. “About to go on stage with Joe Biden and Barack Obama- help reelect the man who is going to keep sanity in and Trump out of the White House (again),” the caption read.

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